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It's Christmas Day in California, the Merriman family are celebrating and doing their thing. Until little brother Devin walks out holding a bloody knife and dad and the housekeeper lay dead in the corner. Fifteen years later, Devin escapes his mental hospital and the Christmas Carnage begins again! A Deadly Little Christmas stars Felissa Rose of "Sleepaway Camp" fame and... not much else.

In Bleed With Me, Laura's day is pretty crappy, it's about to get crappier when she runs into a crazy cab driver.

Dark Country isn't the first film actor Thomas Jane has directed, but the second. Here, he stars in this tale of a hapless couple forced to deal with a dead body in the depths of the desert.

Deserts seem to be the theme for this week's Bargain Bin. In Feeding Grounds a group of teens head out to a cabin to party. Little do they know, some intergalactic alien has decided to party at the same cabin. And he's rather hungry.

If you don't know Rob Zombie's Halloween, you obviously don't read this site! However, this is the new directors cut of the 2007 remake which promises to be EXTRA zany.

Hide and Creep; a small town of yokels conted with zombies, flying saucers, and bad TV reception in this low budget splat fest.

A remake of the 1978 cult hit, It's Alive ventures out to re-tell the tale. Starring Bijou Phillips, and a mutant baby.

I covered It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To earlier this year before they had distrubtion and I'll repeat myself again; this is a great example of quality indie filmwork folks. They're also a great bunch of people, so give this one a rental at the very least. You'll like it.

Ghost House Underground gives us four new movies under the label, many from well known authors or film makers. First up is Offspring, based on the Jack Ketchum novel, Seventh Moon directed and written by "Blair Witch Project" helmer Eduardo Sanchez, The Children bringing us more killer shorties, and The Thaw that unleashes a prehistoric parasite on the world.

Everybody loves Tracey Morgan, so why not watch him host a show scaring the crap out of people? Scare Tactics Season 3 should hold a few laughs at the very least.

Seamstress is a love story of a girl trying to get closer to her boyfriend. It just happens to have some nasty stuff going on like cannibalism and more!

Film makers need to make sure they double check the resumes of their crew. In Splatter Movie: The Directors Cut, this group of diretors are filming a new horror flick when they realized they're being killed off one by one by a member of their crew!

Cameron Romero is following in daddy George's footseps with the release of Staunton Hill. Feeling much like another take at the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" of old, "Staunton Hill" revolves a group of teens stumbling across a farm in the remote hills where evil dwells.

"Trick 'r Treat" has been talked about for years now as it was passed along from studio to studio, but now it's out! Todd took a look at this anthology flick from Mark Dougherty and absolutely loved it. You will too, I promise.

Not to be confused with Ricki Lake, Wicked Lake follows four mysterious young girls as they had off for a weekend of relaxation. A group of horny men follow them to their destination for some good old fashioned raping and pillaging only to find out that the tables may soon be turned.

Seeing as this is October, it's no surprise to see a whole slew of back catalog horror titles hitting the Blu-ray format! Some of these are fantastic, some not so much. Regardless, for you Blu-ray ready horror nerds out there, this is a big week for all of us.

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