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Need even more behind the scenes info on "Night of the Living Dead"? Then check out director Jeff Carney's "Autopsy of the Dead"! Complete with in depth interviews from all sorts of cast members, this should be easy pickings for the die hard Romero fans.

A Paranormal Investigator finds a haunted house that just so happens to lie on the intersection of underworld soul highways. When she brings in a 'psychic' who starts out as a fraud, he soon finds out his powers are real as the dead start to communicate through him. Based on Clive Barker's story of the same name, "Book of Blood" has elements of "Hellraiser". Whether or not it has the same level creepiness is yet to be seen.

How about some end of the world sooth saying? "Edges of Darkness" is an anothology showcasing three tales of survival in the zombie apocalypse.

If you've been keeping up with the DVD releases of the "Friday the 13th TV Series", now you get to finish up your collection.

It's the suit that started it all and now you can see it in High Def glory! "Gojira" hits the Blu-ray shelves for the first time ever. This should be a must own for any Godzilla fan!

Love him or hate him, it's guaranteed that you know who Rob Zombie is. "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" has been talked about for a couple years now and is finally hitting shelves. With only a one night theatrical showing, little is known about this aside from the recent trailers that aired with "H2".

"Shaun of the Dead", on Blu-ray? Sign me up! There's not much in the way of extras however, the audio and video on this disk are both said to be head and shoulders over the DVD!

Ever have a dream where Stephen Baldwin became the savior of mankind? Yah, me either but somebody thought the idea was a solid one, hence "Six: The Mark Unleashed". It's the end of days and an evil dictator is controlling the remnants of humanity with microchips! Only Stephen Baldwin holds the key to our freedom.

Does your wife piss you off? Are you sick of your neighbors parking on your lawn? Then go visit the local witch doctor who's running a murder for hire business! Sounds pretty good already doesn't it? What if I told you "Witchmaster General" stars Phil Lewis, lead singer of L. A. Guns? Oh yah.

Martians fly to earth to plant an H Bomb! Why, you ask? To knock Earth out of orbit so they can move their own planet into its spot! "Zombies of Stratosphere" is some classic 1950's cheese.

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