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Okay, not to sound uppity here but if you don't know what "American Werewolf in London" is all about? You need to get on that. That's a minus from your cool points. For this Full Moon Edition, we have a nifty transfer for both DVD and Blu-Ray. Also included are over 100 minutes of extras including retrospectives, making of vignettes on Baker's werewolf, and lots of John Landis wisecracks.

You know how the film studios quadruple dipped on "Army of Darkness"? How each new special edition had one extra tiny little nugget to make it better than the last? Yes, they're starting that on Blu-ray now too. But, if you're building up your favorites library, why not?

There are a whole slew of classic catalog titles coming out on blu-ray this week. The mention of everybody's favorite Good Guy doll Chucky was met with much applause! Now's your chance to add "Child's Play" to the library!

"Deadgirl" hit theaters to with some good buzz. It had its fair shair of sneers and jeers due to its content as well. Check out our own John Shelton's review to see for yourself!

Throughout 2009 they have been releasing these newly packaged "Friday the 13th" disks. The disks themselves are solid, though not all carry a full digital master or that many extras. However, the collection is starting to finish up and here's the next two on the list for your collection.

Our own Chrissie took in Grace back when it was on the festival circuit. She had mixed feelings over the film, others have lauded it, others have hated it.

I don't know about you, but I don't even care what King Kong Vs. Godzilla is even about. All I care about is that it's two guys in suits stomping the crap out of each other and laying waste to Tokyo. I feel safe that in a film such as this, I'll get what I came for.

Due to all sorts of licensing issues and who knows what else, Phantasm 2 has been a long awaited DVD here in the states. Available over seas for years, this is the first time we have a chance to get our grubby little mits on it in Region 1!

Are you a Hannibal Lector fan? Who isn't? This nifty 3 Disk Hannibal Lector Collection on blu-ray contains the key three stories on the character. "Manhunter", "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Hannibal". While "Hannibal" you can skip, this worth it for the first two!

What's better than watching red neck mutants rape and pillage college co-eds? Watching it in High Def! "Wrong Turn 2" comes to blu-ray in all its gory glory. The story isn't much, but the blood and guts should be fun.

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