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"Supernatural Season 4" hits shelves today, bringing the fan's collections almost to completion. The series is a big hit with the horror fans so here you go.

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas. Based on the true story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, Antonio Sabato Jr. takes a stab at creepy drifter as opposed to soap star hunk. I think the lines between reality and fiction are starting to blur!

It's the end of humanity as the last living human is hunted down by an alien race known as the Nephilim! Consider Humanity's End went straight to video and stars nobody, we're not too worried about the end of humanity.

A young boy is possessed by a demon named The Dollman. Whacking his parents on his birthday thanks to Mr. Dollman, the boy is left to live the rest of his life in the state mental hospital. As time passes, the demon bides its time until he can force the boy to do his bidding. If nothing else, Methodic will leave you wondering if 'The Dollman' is seriously the scariest name they could come up with for a demon.

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