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Everybody's favorite serial killer is back with the release of "Dexter: Season 3" on DVD and Blu-ray! For those of you playing along at home, you already know that this was a pretty damn good season. With the addition of Jimmy Smits we got some good turns as Dexter struggled with the idea of friendship and trust, all to expectedly explosive results.

The Last House on the Left was met with mixed feelings here at BGH and it met with a lot of controversy out in the general populace. If nothing else, the movie grabbed people's attention and held on to it for a bit. Now out on DVD and Blu-ray, you can relive the reliving of Wes Craven's classic at home!

A group of explorers go poking around an abandoned gold mine when a cave-in traps them in the gloomy depths! Oxygen and food aren't their only worries; they have to contended with the slimy critters that accompany them in the dark! Sounds like Strangeness to me!

Fans of Japanese monster movies need to drop what they're doing and head to the Bargain Bin pronto. Icons of Sci-Fi: The Toho Collection hits shelves this week and looks to be a pretty spiffy little package. Containing the three ToHo classics "The H-Man", "Battle in Out Space" and "Mothra", this is a good deal for three classic flicks.

Did you like "Midnight Meat Train"? Then go back and see the movie that put director Kitamura on the map, Versus. It's a dude, killing zombies, with a samurai sword. What more description do you really need? Made in 2000, "Versus" has been available for awhile, but is now being re-released in a new special edition. If you don't have it, now's a good time to jump in. Otherwise, if you already own it I don't know that there is enough here to make it worth a double dip.

Hey look, it's a Syfy original! Wyvern stars a cast of people you've never heard of facing off against a giant mythological creature! Sounds fresh and original, don't it?

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