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Jason's life is pretty bleak these days. His girlfriend has left him and it has left him pretty crushed. In Dark Rising, his day as about to go from bad to worse when his attempts to win her back turn into a series of portal jumping demon hunts! Wait a minute...did somebody sneak a romantic comedy in here?

Takashi Miike is well known for his bizarro Asian cinema, Gozu proves to be no exception. "Chairman Azamawari is unsympathetic to Ozaki's little outbursts and secretly orders Minami to take Ozaki to a disposal facility in the city of Nagoya. There, the fate of these two follows a twisted path filled with violence, mother's milk, strange locals, and ultimately the disappearance of Ozaki's corpse which Minami now desperately tries to recover." Yah, I don't follow either, but you can gurantee it's going to be violent, coming from Miike!

Ichi the Killer I can speak for, and it is one of my favorite Miike flicks of all. Now coming out on Blu-ray, you can bet that all the crazy boiling grease torture will be extra cripsy and in full on queasy glory. Violent, dangerous and bloody, if you haven't seen "Ichi" yet, this should be a good introduction.

A group of girls hit the beaches for a bachelorette party. When the action turns south, the girls hole up in a deserted Mexican resort. It doesn't take long before they realize the hotel is haunted and not happy to have visitors. Not even the busty kind in bikinis. The Last Resort stars rising b-movie starlette America Olivio.

Nobody Loves Alice. She's the weird mousey girl in your office that smells a bit like moth balls and doesn't talk much. She's never had any friends and has always been lonely. Until the day she befriends Abigail at work! Thinking she's finally got friends, things look up for Alice until she finds out Abigail is only using her as a fidelity test for her boyfriend.

One would think that casting the WWE's Kane as a slasher villain would be a pretty good fit. See No Evil came out in 2006 to prove that theory wrong. For some reason, they've now chosen to release this WWE Pictures Original on DVD so you can see the big guy stand around and stare at stuff with that one creepy eye in High Def glory!

In 2009's The Crypt, six young dudes decide to break into the catacombs under their city to steal jewelry from the depression era corpses buried within. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell them that people didn't have a lot of jewelry in the depression era. They also didn't tell them that the catacombs are populated by the vengeful spirits that live down there either!

Believe it or not, back in 1999 Johnny Depp actually worked with a director that wasn't Tim Burton! Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate came out to mixed fanfare. Now being re-released on DVD, if your'e a fan now is the time to grab it up.

The journals of a Texas historian are found, detailing the days of The Wildman of Navidad. A strange creature that roamed the countryside of a small Texas town, the movie recreates the events detailed in the journals. Sadly, I have to inform you all that this is not the long awaited sequel to Shriek of the Mutilated.

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