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After bringing the site back last August, we launched our very own podcast that November. Things were shaky at first, but eventually we really began to hit our stride. Over the last 37 episodes we've managed to stumble upon quite the motley crew of "favorite moments". So here they are for your perusal. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: "Feeling our way around"

To say that our first episode was "rough" would be an understatement. We had yet to hit any sort of groove but despite all that, the seeds of what was to come were clearly visible. During the episode we review both "Saw IV" and "30 Days of Night". This episode is not currently available.

Episode 12: "The Perfect Review"

Cloverfield elicits four "10 out of 10's" from the Bloody Good Horror crew. It's the first (and so far, last) time that we all have agreed on a films' rocktitude to such a degree. This episode is not currently available.

Episode 15: "Cannibals!"

The crew gives the classic film "Cannibal Holocaust" the praise it rightly deserves. Also, since I was the only one who had seen it prior to the show, the rest of the crew acts as if I've inflicted some unholy curse upon them. Wussies.

Episode 6: "Shenanigans!"

This was the episode that shenanigans first became a weekly segment on the show. In "Shenanigans", we call people and/or things out that have offended us in some way over the last week. We certainly weren't the first people to use the term, but I like to think that our listeners think of us whenever they hear it. In this episode we discuss "Overrated" and "Underrated" films, including "Sleepaway Camp" (pictured above) This episode is not currently available.

Episode 29: "A Horse is a Horse..."

In what was otherwise a pretty run of the mill episode (where we discuss "The Strangers"), I happen bring up the website sarah jessica parker looks like a, and the next 5 minutes are spent exploring the site and laughing so hard I almost ended up crying. (Click on the link to see what we were laughing at)

Episode 24: "Verbose"

It's been a running joke on our show for a while that co-host and New York City resident Jon Schnaars is a bit of a fancy pants. He makes us feel stupid on a weekly basis with his big words and complicated explanations, so it was only fitting that in this episode we start his "Word of the Day" segment. Each week (when we remember) Jon picks a word of the day that is related to our main feature selection. This episode it happened to be regarding Dario Argento's "Suspiria" and "Inferno". Prepare to be Schnaarsified!

Episode 14: They're supposed to be sisters?

In our discussion about the Jessica Alba film "The Eye", my comment about Parker Posey's unfortunate face prompts Mark to do a google image search because he can't remember what she looks like. On the first page of google images, a nude picture of Posey leads to a website dedicated to the lesser endowed females out there, apptly titled "The Itty Bitty Titty Committee". The giggles it elicited from the crew has solidified the phrase as one of our favorites, and it has popped up several times on the show since this episode. (and for the record, Casey also really enjoyed the same web designers' "Beaver List")

Episode 21: "BGH turns 21 in Style"

Since we record over Skype every week, Ep 21 was a real treat as we were able to do the show together for the first time ever, live from Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis. Also, we didn't realize the irony that we were all getting hammered during the show where we turned "21", so to speak. The things that would happen later that night (Casey's beer farts) would never be spoken of again, that is until episode 22 at least. To get the full picture of our exploits that weekend, you really have to listen to both shows. You can thank me later.

Episode 19: "Bloody What?!?..."

Mark decided he wanted to have his own segment in this show titled "Google Report", where he would tell us about the funny search engine terms that have led readers to our website. In his inaugural segment, Mark blows us away with his number 1 selection: "bloody asshole trailer porn". Not only did someone search for that (and we spend plenty of time debating what in the hell it means), but it led them directly to our site. This fact leads us to proclaim... "Um... Welcome to the show???" The show which by the way, was about Neil Marshall's "Doomsday".

And finally, drumroll please...

Episode 23: "The Prom Night Massacre"

After stewing all weekend over my impending shenanigans for him saying that the "Prom Night" remake "wasn't that bad", Schnaars responds to me in a tone that can only be described as "thinly veiled rage". The tension continues throughout the episode, leading Casey to proclaim "why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?". Despite the tension, we actually manage to have a surprisingly philosophical discussion over what was easily one of the worst films of the year so far. Ironically, it ended up being one of our best episodes ever, and Schnaars did eventually admit that he "didn't handle that very well". Afterwards, we all kissed and made up, and the show lived on to fight another day. Aren't you glad?

So that's it folks, hope you've enjoyed listening to us over the last year. To download the back episodes that are still available, head on over to our podcast page. Don't forget to snatch those old episodes while you can, because bandwidth issues mean that we'll be taking even more down very soon. So, get 'em while they're hot!

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