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Everyone watched the Watchmen, now you can watch them at home. Coming out in multiple flavors including a director's cut and a theatrical cut on both DVD and Blu-Ray, there's definitely a version out there for you, despite your tastes. For those of you feeling extra fancy, Amazon has an exclusive version with a statuette of Night Owl's ship to help complete your nerd shrine atop the TV!

We recently ran a blog post on the release announcement for "Coraline" and now it's here! With a stellar looking Blu-ray release as well as a limited time available DVD, this movie is definitely worth its space on your DVD shelf.

Ever wonder what it would be like if "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" star and SciFi Channel stalwart Corin Nemec took a shot at portraying serial killer Ted Bundy? Now you can in Bundy: A Legacy of Evil. Its about Ted Bundy and also stars Kane Hodder. Nothing original here except for some b-grade actors doing their thing.

While not horror in the slightest, "Robot Chicken" is definitely genre centric. Nominated for 2 Emmy's, this special has gained a lot of praise and is always good for a late night laugh.

In the early 1970's, a doctor at a remote Russian mental hospital filmed a series of snuff films starring his patients. Cut to present day, a Finnish film crew has arrived on sight to film a horror movie of the legendary "Auteur". Skeleton Crew is direct to video cheese which often times holds a bit of promise.

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