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Lord Fodyce is returning to his ancient castle with his new wife. Unbeknownst to him, he already returned weeks before and murdered the crap out of the countryside! Black Torment looks to be euro-sleeze like only Redemption Studios can deliver!

In 2006's Header, ATF Agent Stewart Cummings is on the trail of a grisly serial killer. He has a secret double life though, one that contains a downward spiral of corruption and deceit he may never escape from.

In the Korean spook fest Hidden Floor, a young woman and her daughter move into a new building. They live very quietly yet her downstairs neighbors complain of noise. It's not long until she begins to notice that the tenants are starting to act creepy... and so is her daughter.

Monster X Strikes Back: The G8 Summit! A Japanese homage to the original "Man In Suit", this flick promises to not take itself serious in the slightest and to be packed full of nonsense and B-Movie trash.

In an all girls dorm, four girls are forced to room together, even if they don't care for each other. One of the girls is having recurring visions of the school burning down. At first the girls are mocking, then they're scared, and now they're fighting for their life! My Bloody Roommates is Korean horror without the ghosts or bad hair!

In 1978's Prey, Jessica and Josephine, two lesbian lovers living in a remote house on the English countryside, see an eerie green light fall from the sky. The next day they are visited by a man who is more than just a man.

Before Wes Craven and his cast of pretty twenty somethings was 1981's Scream. A group of not so pretty twenty somethings take a rafting trip and stop to spend the night at an old ghost town alongside the river. As morning comes, they soon find themselves picked off one by one in the not-so-abandoned town.

We can't have a DVD Bargain Bin without SciFi Channel original! In Sea Beast, a sleep fishing town is woken abruptly by an ancient terror that's drug himself from the depths of the ocean. Hungry for blood, it's up to "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" star Corin Nemec to save the day!

a young woman has found that her twin sister has been murdered. Hellbent on finding her sisters killer, she's aided in her search by the ghost of her twin! Second Coming stars absolutely nobody you've ever heard of.

Joe and Dustin live at home with their parents in a quiet little house made safe by hard working parents Jake and Rachel. (Michael Parks and Olivia Hussey). When Jake's best friend's daughter comes to visit, the brothers soon turn to blood and battle for her affection.

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