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Starring the un-famous Duff sister Haylie, Backwoods is...hold on here you're going to be surprised...a story about a group of young people heading off to the woods, only to be attacked by weirdos. Originally premiering as a Spike TV "Movies for Guys" original flick, this has promise written all over it.

Often cited as a favorite among the episodes of "Mystery Science Theater", now you can own the original "Hobgoblins" for yourself! Puppets, aliens, security guards and your wildest dreams coming true, all in one shiny package!

It may have taken them 22 years, but there is finally a sequel to "Hobgoblins", "Hobgoblins 2"! Now everybody's all grown up and old man McCreedy's in the nuthouse as the puppet pariah's make their triumphant return.

I'm as big of a Vinnie Jones fan as the next guy, but some times his solo film choices seem a bit...dodgy. In Legend of the Bog, a small town uncovers a 2000 year old murder victim from the local bog. Before you know it, it comes back to life and Vinnie Jones kicks it's ass. Could this be the finest film that SciFi Channel never put it's name on?

Before "The Monster Squad" movie won our hearts back in the 80's, there was a TV show of the same name! Not directly related, the show featured "Gopher" of "Love Boat" fame as a night watchmen at a wax museum. At night, Dracula, Wolfman and Frankenstein would come to life and partake in some mad cap and zany crime fighting adventures.

A group of college students witness a redneck murdering his wife. Soon they find themselves running for their lives as he tries to clean up his mess. "Trapped" is directed by William Fruet, long time horror guy and "Goosebumps" director.

A SciFi Channel movie starring John Saxon and Adrienne Barbeau? Say it aint so! Thankfully, "War Wolves" isn't a SciFi Original, they just bought the rights. John Saxon is the leader of a special forces unit tasked with hunting down a man in the US infected with the Werewolf virus. As the females in his unit begin to turn, he soon finds himself in a battle of good versus evil.

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