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In the event that you have been living in a cave, there was a remake of a well known 80's slasher released this year called "Friday the 13th"! Now it's here for your viewing pleasure at home in both a theatrical flavor and a 'killer cut' which sounds cutting and edgy and down right amazing! Or so the marketing department hopes.
Now, there are no specifics I can find that explains what makes this 'Killer Cut' more killer-ish or edgier, but by god it has to be better, right? There are a couple of extra features that you do not get on the theatrical cut, so if that's your bag this edition has that going for it!

Not to be left out of the Jason Vorhees Lovefest comes the continued Deluxe Edition releases of the original films. This week we get Part IV, the Final Chapter where we see Corey Feldman take a stab at finishing off the big guy, Part V: A New Beginning where the forget to add Jason in all together, and Part VI: Jason Lives where he makes his triumphant return.
Like the first three films that were released early this year, these Deluxe Edition disks add in some extra features including more behind the scenes footage and more talk from actors about the characters and the filming and fandom experience.
Unlike the previous disks, none of this current set of reissues are digital transfers though the video quality is decent enough. If you haven't picked up the series before, now's a good chance. I wouldn't rush out to replace your old collection if you already had it however.

Featuring Kane Hodder as the demon Asmodeous, Born has all the trappings o some crazy b-movie fare. You have virginal ladies with nun-like names such as Mary Elizabeth going to bed a virgin and waking up pregnant with demon babies! Kane Hodder demon babies at that!

Rick's a good man, until he falls into demon temptation. Once that happens, he decides to take young Ariel out to a secluded farm house for a one night stand. Sex happens, odd things happen, odd sex happns, and Ariel dies. Unfortunately for Rick, she's also the demon that originally tempted him in and she keeps coming back. Hence, Killing Ariel

Platoon of the Dead; three soldiers hide in a house! They're attacked by a 'platoon' of 'dead guys'. Also known as zombies.

It's a bachelor party in a midevil english forest! StagKnight has paint ball, mid evil slashers, I'm assuming some guy in a knight suit and babes. Babes babes babes.

Attempting to continue the story of the original, The Cell 2 has many of the same characters and all new actors! Coming back to enter the mind of 'The Cusp' to try and save his latest victim, Maya must push back her feelings of dread from her experience as The Cusp's first victim.

Well, with a title like that, I'm going to crib from the distributor's official line; "One part Friday the 13th, One part Ernest Goes To Camp and 3 parts Cream Cheese". A group of college kids head off to the woods to bump uglies for a weekend and run into a scary scarecrow killer. Promising to be a HI-larious horror comedy, your life is in your own hands if you decide to head down this road.

Rememer, I tried to warn you.

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