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Yet another show cut short in its prime, this Reaper Season 2 set will be the last one we get to see. If you haven't seen it, "Reaper" is definitely worth a watch.

Surface was another attempt at a spooky themed show that didn't last very long. While never having seen it myself, there appears to be some decent monster worthy attention here.

Are you a lax Charles Band devotee who's fallen behind on buying up all the Puppet Master sequels as they come out? Fear no more, now you get them all in one spiffy box! If you're that brave to sit through them all, kudos to you!

A romantic horror comedy based on the relationship between a Latina vampire and the 18 year old boy that raises her from the dead! Yes, you read that right, a romantic horror comedy. At least The Kiss is honest and labels itself as a horror comedy unlike other horror romances that have been in the news as of late. No sparkly vampires, either!

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