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The thrill and excitement of "Anaconda 3: Blood Orchid" continues in Anacondas: Trail of Blood! This time around, the giant genetically altered snake that was cut in two at the end of the 3rd film? He's regenerated into two snakes, and they're hungry or something.

Continuing the theme of 'Genetically Altered Snake Week' comes Razortooth! Instead of snakes we get altered eels that can survive on land and breath air. One scientist created the dangerous eels and is trying to track them down. Another scientist is tracking down the eels to steal the first scientist's work. There's also a cop chasing two escaped convicts, but who the hell knows why they want the eels.

A new mutant snake has been found in a remote tropical Pacific island. Scientists are there to study the snakes and create a new deadly toxin for use by the Army. As things heat up with China, the scientists are forced to evacuate, with snakes of course, on an old submarine on its last voyage, captained by Luke Perry. Things break down, snakes get out of their containers and Silent Venom boils down to "Snakes on a Submarine".

In Elsewhere, a young girl is tired of life in her small Indiana town. Searching the internet, she hopes to find a man that will take her away from it all. When she disappears, only her friend Jillian seems to be concerned about her friends absence.

The movie is called Monsturd. It's a bout a killer turd. Well, technically it's about a serial killer who mutates when he comes in contact with a weird chemical found in the sewer system turning him into a giant human turd. Still, it's about a killer turd.

In a sleepy rural area, there's an underground movement happening. A shady organization has begun a business that involves kidnapping, torgure and brainwashing to get their victims to succumb to their every whim. After that, they are sold off to the highest bidder to do with as they please. When a young pregnant couple stop for the night at a seedy hotel, they soon find out why it's sometimes good to avoid the country.

The Hunger is a horror anthology show from 1997. Hosted by Terrance Stamp, the show was an 'erotic' homage to such shows as "Tales from the Crypt" that came before it.

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