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HBO fans the world over were impressed by their take on the Charlaine Harris series, now you get to own it on DVD! True Blood Season 1 has a ton of extras packed in with it, so definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse!

Bane. Four women trapped in a cell, a masked man tortures and carves them up. Can they escape? Can this movie escape the 'just another torture porn' label?

An evil succubus is preying on black men in New York. She may have met her match when she faces off against Samuel L Jackson in Def by Temptation.

It's Miike time again with the release of 2007's Detective Story. Two men named Raita move in next door to each other. One, a businessman, the other a private detective. Together, the two Raita's try to unravel a series of grizzly organ harvesting murders.

A man awakes in a deep cave, no recollection of who he was nor who the dead man next to him might be. With no recourse but to flee from the creature that is following him through the caves, the man must make his way through the strange caverns in Eden Log.

In 2008's made for TV flick Infected, it's up to a pair of unlikely reporters to fend off an impending alien invasion. Stars Gil Bellows and Isabella Rossellini!

If you haven't heard of "My Bloody Valentine 3D", then you're living under a rock. You've heard of it, you've heard about it. Now's your chance to see if the 3D works at home.

How about a Barbara Steele classic for your DVD shelf? In Nightmare Castle Ms. Steele and her lover and tortured and murdered by her sadistic husband and soon return from the grave to seek revenge!

I reviewed this nifty little alien vs. viking flick earlier this year. If you can't be bothered to click the link, I loved "Outlander" and I think you will too! It's got Jesus in it, so how bad can it be?

Who doesn't love some nun-sploitation? Sacred Flesh visits the perverted themes of a Mother Superior torn by lust and temptation.

Starring Daryl Hannah, The Devil's Ground is a creepy little tale of backwoods violence. When Carrie is driving to her new home in main, she comes across the battered and beaten Amy. After Amy begins to tell her tale, Carrie soon learns that there are many evils lurking in the woods.

The beautiful Caroline Munroe is on her way to the Cannes Film Festival. She soon finds out her cab driver knows her a little TOO well. Things turn from creepy to downright frightening when her friends start dying off after meeting the man. The Last Horror Film, 1982.

Yet another story on the Elizabeth Bathory myth, The Legend of Blood Castle is the Spanish take on the tale, directed by Jorge Grau. Not new mind you, but if you happen to be collecting movies based on Bathory, then hey, it's a must have!

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