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In this third installment of the "Underworld" series, Rhona Mitra steps up to fill the leather body suit of Kate Beckinsale. Drifiting back into the past in prequel fashion, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans gives us the historical tale of how the Vamps. Vs. Wolves war got its start.

Taking place seven years after the events of "Donnie Darko", S.Darko is a direct to video sequel focusing on the cross country adventure of Donnie's sister Samantha. She's plagued with visions of her own on her journey to become a professional dancer, this one should be standard fare for all of those die hard "Donnie Darko" fans out there. You know who you are.

Toby Wilkins next film after his festival hit "Splinter", The Grudge 3 continues the haunting of Kayako, the Japanese spirit who's been pestering American girls for years now. This time around we return to the Chicago apartment of the sequel with the hopes that Kayako's latest victim has the key to end her curse. Wilkins showed definite promise with "Splinter", so this one is worth a watch at least.

Lost Americans, a town full of blood thirsty mutant children; Plague Town screened at Horror Hound Weekend with some modest approval from those that got to see it. Dark Sky Films is staking its claim to being the next name in direct to video productions and "Plauge Town" looks to be a solid start.

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