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It's Tuesday and that means new DVD's! This week sees a highly anticipated release, one release that is going to confuse people into thinking that Louis Fowler has finally hit the big time, and a handful of old school horrors! Set your sights on 'cringe' and get ready for a trip to... The DVD Bargain Bin!

You've heard the podcast, now you get to relive the painful glory that is "Martyrs"! With the unrated version no less! This is the version that we covered in Episode 70, so now's your chance to relive our uncomfortable efforts frame by frame! (Be wary, there is an "R" rated cut floating out there, make sure to avoid!)

We covered The Uninvited earlier this year on the podcast as well, and the general consensus was 'better than the commercials made it look'! Worthy of a rental for sure, watch it for Elizabeth Banks at the very least!

The Cold Eyes of Fear is an old school Italian Giallo flick. If you're not familiar with the genre, they tend to be slower moving crime thrillers with a touch of blood & guts and a bit of horror. Definitely not for everyone, this one should cover anybody who's curious about what the upcoming Adrian Brody flick is going to feel like.

Playing off of the same themes as "The Thing", One Eyed Monster stars Ron Jeremy and his thing! A group of people head off to the countryside to film a porno flick, only to find that Ron Jeremy has become possessed by a weird alien that makes his peeper not only a bit crooked, but deadly as well.

A man who owns a strip joint finds him self lonely and in need of love. Thankfully he meets up with the lovely manicurist down the street. As they get to know each other, they quickly find out that they have a lot in common. Mainly, they're both psychopaths! Psychos in Love is an old 80's horror comedy that should be worth some blood and guts at the very least.

Young Veronica is out for a nice drive on the country side, until she screws up and finds her self crashing head long into a near by lake. The wreck was rough on her as can be imagined, even worse was the spirit of the 18th century witch who was drowned in the lake who decided to possess her! Revenge! The She Beast is a 60's cheese classic starring the lovely Barbara Steele. And that folks, is really all you need to know.

Based on the true story of the Watseka Wonder, a young girl in 1870 Watseka Illinois who was purportedly possessed by demons. The Possessed (Catchy title huh?) is the purported documentary of said events.

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