The DVD Bargain Bin

This week's Bargain Bin comes packed with some must have collectibles and some decent new films to check out. There are the customary stinkers as well, so buyer beware!

The Hellraiser Blu-ray Edition marks the first coverage of blu-ray releases for the DVD Bargain Bin! If any movie deserves the hi-def treatment, "Hellraiser" is it.
Blu-ray is not the only happening for Pinhead and friends this week, as we also see the release of The Hellraiser Box Set! There is nothing too notable on these DVD's so if you already own, there's no real reason to run out and buy. Aside from the kick ass puzzle box case that is! It also comes with the aforementioned Blu-ray of the first film.

Laid to Rest just had its premiere and has been garnering a lot of buzz. A brand new slasher franchise, a young girl awakes in a casket with a severe head injury and no recollection of who she is. To add to the fright, she soon finds out she's the prisoner of a deranged serial killer! For more goods on "Laid to Rest", be sure to check out Eric's interview with Bobbie Sue Luther and Director Rob Hall!

Todd gave us the inside scoop on this 2009 genre nugget set in the old West. Bringing back memories of Kevin Bacon and his exploits in "Tremors", "The Burrowers" takes us back to the desert dwelling beasties of yester-year!

In this scifi thriller, Saint Georges shows up at the experimental psyche station at the edge of the galaxy known as Dante 01. Having faced a violent alien race that no one has encountered before, Saint Georges may have brought more on board with him than a troubled psyche.

Fear Girls Volume One promises four vignettes of horror and erotica! Um... yah.

Journeying to South Korea, we take a look at Ghost Train. Nana and her friend witness a train wreck at the nearby train station. Before long they start to notice strange goings on at the station. Once they realize there may some spooky happenings, Nana's sister mysteriously disappears at... you guessed it... the haunted train station!

It's time for Sam's annual trip back home, and as she does every year, she takes a fresh group of friends with her to spend the week. This time around all seems to be going well until they find the site of a murder, and the terrible secret of Sam's Lake.

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