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It's time to restock the Bargain Bin once again as Tuesday rolls around and the new releases hit the shelf! With two 80's classics and a handful of direct to video cheese ready to go, this makes the third week of April a light one, but a decent one none the less!

Jeremy Capello is your typical high school teen with teen problems; chicks, acne and bullies! Jeremy's got another problem too. Turns out he's hooked up with the wrong chick. Now he's a vampire too! My Best Friend is a Vampire is a classic 80's horror comedy that you've all seen though you may not remember it.

In 1986's campy classic Slaughter High, a group of preppies gather together for their 10 year class reunion. They're reuniting at their closed down high school, but there's another surprise in store; an old classmate that they terribly disfigured in a class prank gone wrong is all set to pay his old friends a visit.

Sai is a young bohemian artist living in a downtown warehouse. Being hip and on the cutting edge, she's always up for new experiences such as drugs. She happens across an exotic foreigner who introduces her to a new drug that promises an open mind. Unknown to Sai, in 2009's Bled, the drug makes her a target for an inter-dimensional vampire!

Having made the festival rounds, Splinter has been garnering a lot of early buzz, most of it positive! There's a new parasite in town and its hungry. Holing up in a wayside gas station are a young couple stuck with an escaped convict who are forced to fight for their lives against an enemy that attacks from the inside-out.

Charles has spent too much time watching bad B grade horror films and writing reviews for his website. So, he has to attend Summer School to make up for it. His teacher Mrs. Wickham is trying her best to drive him and his friends insane in their summer phsyics class. She may not be the only thing they need to fear though because the school holds dark secrets!

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