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Three college students... how many movies start out with this plot device this days? Three college students attemtpt to shoot a film digging into each of their own worst fears. Chaos ensues!
Expanding their horizons this year, After Dark heads to Norway for the spooky "Hidden"! When Kai goes home after his moms death, he finds some startling things in his childhood home that he's avoided for 19 years.

A group of college students... oh boy here we go again. A serial killer, most likely driven by his rage at the over use of 'a group of college students' forces a celebratory group to kill each other in order survive.

"Lake Mungo" follows the death of Alice Palmer as she haunts her parents house. As the parents begin to dig deeper, they find out Alice wasn't quite as sweet and innocent as they thought she was.

Hey wait a minute, this one sounds all right!

A group of high school outcasts... oh come on now, you're testing me right? A group of high school outcasts get their feelings hurt and take their revenge on their fellow students.

Bill Mosely runs about a desert ghost town, killing people while wearing a pig nose. All to feed the evil that lives in town! But hey, it's Bill Mosely.

A bunch of brits hit the lake for a weekend of fun and sun on the water. It's all going well until the drift into the reeds and find themselves a nasty surprise!

The title of "Zombies of Mass Destruction" pretty much spells it out, plain and simple. Zombies. Mass Destruction. You fill in the blanks!

Wow! A movie about a group of college kids camping and getting into some kind of monstrous mishap! Where have I heard that before? Oh yah. Like...every direct to video movie ever! Where the new "Friday the 13th" had weed, "Banshee!!!" will make you trip balls off of sound waves!

Lou Diamond Phillips vs. the Jersey Devil. Do I really need to say anything more? I don't think so either.

After the Sandsquatch eats Sue's grandma, her and her friends team up to go hunt down the monster! What's a Sandsquatch? I don't know, I was hoping you could tell me. This movie has Trent Haaga starring in it so if I'd have to guess, it's something to do with him.

I like to broaden you readers horizons, so this week I'm bringing you a bit of Indian haunted house horror. It's a pretty simple setup, let's let this IMDb review explain it all; "I watched it yesterday night and must say it was worth to watch for at least one time.It is such a kind of movies which u watch enjoy and then forget it."

What's scarier? An airborne pandemic, or Anne Heche in a lead role? The jury's still out.

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