DVD Releases For 3/3/2009

Warning to all you lactose intolerant readers out there; this week's new release column contains nothing but direct to video cheese! But, we like cheese here so that makes for a good release week!


Nina and her friends become haunted by text messages in Dead in 3 Days. 'In 3 days you're dead!'. Then they all die. In 3 days. (In case you didn't pick up on the 3 days part.)


Ted has a gambling problem. In desperation, he turns to a group of shady mobsters for a loan. He's given the money with three rules he must follow, but when he throws the rules to the wayside, bad things begin to happen to Ted and his loved ones. False Face proves once again, the penny slots can ruin your life.


"If you like nudity, drugs, violence, filth & rock 'n roll, you won t want to miss GONE THE WAY OF FLESH!"

How can I pass this up? When the Jason Martinko Revue comes to town, groupies begin to turn up in various pieces across town!


In Search of Lovecraft unfortunately doesn't star Leonard Nimoy. It does however tell the tale of Rebecca Marsh, intrepid reporter. While shooting a Halloween story on the celebrated author, she soon finds out that all of his writings were true! Cults, Elder Gods and All!


Last Rites is a 1979 low budget flick. A small town is run by three officials, who happen to be vampires. Vampires with a plan that involves drinking the blood of the recently deceased, then killing them off again once they reawaken.


Sunflower is murdered. Then she comes back. Having known nothing but fear and cruelty, she soon becomes enamored of Pete. Pete loves her back, but as his friends begin to drop dead around him he becomes concerned over the true origins of his new girlfriend. Wet Kiss smacks of old school J-Horror ghost stories.

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