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A group of annoying teens hit an island to get drunk before leaving for college, only to find a killer has escaped from Death Row at the near by penitentiary! And....HE'S HIDING ON THE ISLAND! The prioner's name? The Butcher. The movie title? Butchered. Get it?

If you own any kind of video game console these days, chances are you've heard that "Dante's Inferno" is being released on February 9th. To go along with it, the creators are also releasing Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic along side it. I guess one dose of hell just wasn't enough.

Wow, Dead Tone has teens partying in the woods! How original! Based on a prank phone call to the wrong person, what idiot doesn't realize that everybody has caller ID these days?

Riffing on the alternate title of the original "Night of the Living Dead", there's a strong chance that "Night of the Flesh Eaters" is parodying the same film it swiped its title from.

Were you just as surprised as I was to learn that The Stepfather was already in theaters and gone? I kind of forgot it was coming out in general. So consider this leaving myself a reminder!

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