Fear Itself 6 Review - New Years Day

Last Thursday brought us the 6th installment of "Fear Itself". This was Darren Lynn Bousman's attempt at the series. Boy oh boy do I have mixed emotions.

I have never been a fan of reviews that are a scene by scene breakdown. So I'm just going to give a nice overview, then complain... The basic story is one of a lovely overdone zombie outbreak. Mark has recently spoken out on his distaste for this theme. There is still a tiny bit of me that loves zombie and zombie like situations so much that I don't care. Although the larger portion of me is so over this cop out storyline. So it's New Years Day, as the title suggests, and there is some kind of outbreak/apocalyptic happening at a "plant". The episode itself is spliced together with scenes from the night before, New Year's Eve, and the proceeding day. This makes for a patchy back story and splotchy character development. The main girl is Helen aka that girl from the "Step up 2" movie trailers that is dancing seductively in the rain. I didn't really feel much for her either way. She was built up to be some troubled girl with some man trouble to boot. Ya know, the typical she likes him, but he doesn't like her and then he makes out with her bff and then her roommate kisses her blah blah blah. The story doesn't seem all that interesting in hindsight. Basically, this girl is depressed and trapped in a zombie apocalypse. The hour is filled with her journey to find safe cover at her love interests apartment and flashbacks of her love interest sucking on another broads tonsils.

This is the paragraph where I tell you how it ends. If you haven't seen it, don't read it. If you have, will you please explain it to me? So after a night of action packed survival wherein Helen comes up against many a foe, including her adorable male roommate who totally tried to hook up with her PRE apocalypse and seems to be stalking her all zombified POST apocalypse, she arrives at the other guys house. OMG she walks in and he shoots her. Huh? Then WOW, she has been a zombie the whole time. Wha? And look! There is the zombie roommate who is in love with her and they are holding hands! Um...

Now that we have that out of the way, it's time for me to spew my opinions. As much as I hated that cornball, zombies in love ending, I loved it. As played out as I found the whole thing to be, I was mesmerized by it. I found this to be the most entertaining "Fear Itself" yet. The fact that I'm a girl who loves zombies and the roommate was super adorable helped a lot. When looking at it in a completely unbiased manner, I think "New Year's Day" may have been terrible. Bousman's direction left something to be desired. I'm just not a fan of those weird quick cuts coupled with people shaking their heads ultra fast. The "zombies" clicked their jaws and made noises like the crawlers in "The Descent". I didn't like that. And how, how I ask you, was the Helen character a zombie the whole night? It was a first person story where we saw her POV; we saw her react to things. I mean, I understand why it was done. Without the twist it would have been totally forgettable. At the end they flashback to all her previous interactions, only this time you see it happen with her as a zombie. It's all tied into a neat little package. I still don't understand how the twist is possible. So are they insinuating that even though she was a zombie on the outside, she was still viewing things with her old humanity? I'm grasping for deeper meaning. I liked it as much as I hated it.

PS: super adorable roommate is in the "Watchmen" movie.

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