DVD Releases of 7/1/2008

July 1st! It's not the official first day of summer, but by god it feels like it! As the heat climbs, us movie nerds tend to huddle into the air conditioned darkness of the living room. This week there's only 5 noteworthy horror releases so sit back, grab a beer and get ready for the week in DVD!


Mark Jones of "Leprechaun" fame returns with more even shorties! Triloquist brings us a killer ventriloquist dummy and a really hot psycho blond. Sound good? It actually is! (Check out my Midnight Muenster #6 podcast for my in-depth review!)


Dead and Gone finds Frankie comatose. Her husband, not knowing any better hauls her off to a remote cabin only to run into crazy rednecks! What's a remote cabin without crazy rednecks? Is it any good? No clue. But, it stars the one and only 'Rage Cage'! (Kyle Gass of Tenacious D)


Creepy ringmasters who make deals with demons! A first for the DVD column, two DVD's featuring Psycho puppets! Who'dathunkit? Puppet Show is bound to have creepy ass clowns, so at least there's that!


Summer of the Massacre tells the story of a group of college kids cutting across the countryside on their way home from break. Unfortunately for them, they run into a cannibalistic serial killer named Hammerhead. Wait....didn't I do this DVD last week? Maybe it was every week. Sure sounds familiar!


Unborn Sins; the spirit of an aborted fetus returns to seek revenge on it's mom who killed it. I shit you not.

There you have it folks, the week in DVD's for 7/1/2008! It's light but interesting to say the least! Be sure to tune in next week when I remember to post the DVD news on Tuesday once again and present to you another DVD about college kids lost in the country facing crazy rednecks! I don't know what it will be called, but I'm sure there will be one!


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