DVD Releases for 3/10/2009

Hey, guess what day it is? That's right, it's DVD Tuesday! Time to take our weekly stroll down the new release aisle. This week the spoils are light, but there is at least one must buy this week! The rest is direct to DVD trash, but you know me...trash is tops!

I'm just going to cut to the chase. GO GET THIS MOVIE! NOW! Let the Right One In is one of the best horror flicks to hit theaters in quite awhile, and now you can get it from home. The DVD comes with both subtitled and dubbed tracks, so there's no excuse not to see this great movie! Want the finer details? Be sure to check out our own John Shelton's review as well as Episode 54 of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast where we dedicate a full hour to the discussion of this nifty little vampire flick.
Goth kids and satanists rejoice! 1987's virtual reality thriller, co-written by Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, Crowley finally hits your home theater! Aleister Crowley, long known as the Kookiest Occultist of the modern era, is brought to life in a VR mishap that causes a mild mannered professor to become possessed and go on a rampage!
Billy Shatner is no stranger to alien conspiracy. In 2002's Groom Lake, he decides to peer into space where no man has gone before, once again! Kate's dying but she wants to be reassured there's other life in the universe before she checks out. Why not head to Groom Lake, the site of a rumored UFO accident as well as many strange sightings and cover ups!
Bud's a good ole' boy who happens to be a marijuana farmer in rural Kentucky. (Note: NO, it's not me.) When Bud decides to skip town for a couple days, two crooks decide it would be a good time to raid his stash. When Bud returns home early, they soon find out that he's got a twisted side and keeps a dark and bloody secret in basement. A secret that involves kidnap, torture and rape! Starring B-Movie goddess Debbie Rochon, Stash promises to deliver all sorts of crazy redneck stoner antics! (Note: Again, not me. I was born in Indiana, not Kentucky)


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