Dollhouse Trailer

It's that time again, the fall season is lighting up TV. Posts covering all the genre shows have been flying around here. As excited as I am for the return of "Heroes", and as bitter as I am that "Dexter" is on cable, this is what I've been waiting for.

"Dollhouse" is Joss Whedon's latest television venture. I am remaining hopefully skeptical. I mean, just because he has never disappointed me before doesn't mean he won't start. Admittedly, Eliza Dushku can lack in the acting department. She and Whedon are usually pretty strong together, but I'm not counting my chickens blah blah blah.

It looks like we can expect "Dollhouse" in January. Whedon is re shooting his episode one. He assures me (and by me I mean some lucky bastard who got to interview him) that it was of his own choosing, in order to deliver a stronger first showing. I just can't handle another "Firefly"!

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