David Twohy's "A Perfect Getaway" Trailer

Leave it to the internet to spoil a good time. When word came out recently that David Twohy’s new film “The Perfect Getaway” would have it’s trailer running this weekend in front of "Drag Me To Hell," it was pretty much a guarantee that you would see it pop up on YouTube beforehand. This is why we can’t have nice things, YouTube! Lucky for us, my suspicions were correct and today we get our first glimpse.

“The Perfect Getaway” stars Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich as a couple who decide to go backpacking in a remote section of Hawaii for their Honeymoon. Along the way they come across another group of hikers who have recently discovered the bodies of two other newlyweds on the island. Unsure what to do, Zahan and Jovovich join up with the group fight for their survival. (You know my wife and I went to a resort in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon and had a wonderful time. There were sandy beaches, an open bar, and best of all no murders. Just a suggestion!)

Anyway, you can view the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. I’m on the fence about this one right now but I’ll give Twohy the benefit of the doubt here. He’s also directed two very underrated horror films in my eyes, “Warlock” and “Pitch Black”, the latter of which he also wrote. Of course he‘s also responsible for “G.I. Jane” and “Waterworld,” so that is what it is.


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