Coney Island “Summer Of Horror”

Summer is upon us my friends and that means I’ll be searching for shelter from the abusive sun and all it’s skin burning powers. Luckily for everyone in the NYC area, which includes me, The Coney Island Film Society will be showing a different horror movie every Saturday night as part of their “Summer Of Horror”.

The whole thing kicks off on May 16th at the Coney Island Museum with “Psycho”. Other favorites that will be showing include “Army of Darkness”, “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Before each movie they’ll also be showing classic drive in trailers, shorts, and old commercials. Your five bucks gets you into the theater and all the popcorn your sun screen covered ass can stomach. Word is you’ll also be able to crack a few Coney Island brews while you're there, so that alone will have me making the trip.

Films will show every Saturday through September 26th with a few Saturdays off for holidays. You can check out a full list of films showing as well as other details at Coney Island's Official site.


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