Video Games

Yes, I'm back with another hybrid of horror and nerd-ism! And this one made me cream my jeans!

If you're like me, and had been putting off buying the latest Mortal Kombat, you may want to go get your wallet: Freddy Krueger has been announced a downloadable fighter - and he has some of the best fatalities I've seen. This is awesome. Rumor has it, that if enough sales are generated from this, they'll look into adding more playable horror characters.

So many things can attain legendary status without there ever being proof of its existence: The Lock Ness Monster. Bigfoot. Chupacabra. Sarah Palin's intelligence. And Duke Nukem Forever.

The original Duke Nukem was released in 1991 as a simple side scroller, but it wasn't until the 1996 release, that our smart ass, wise cracking, womanizing anti-hero took the world by storm. The unique weapons, aliens, and, ahem, adult subject matter instantly became a classic, and a sequel, Duke Nukem Forever was promised..... in 1997.

I've been a gamer almost all my life. I had an Atari 2600 joystick in my hand from the time I learn to sit up, and I've burned through every gaming platform since. Yes, dear internet - my name is Erin, and I'm a nerd.

And like all nerds, I've dreamed that skills I've acquired blasting baddies, head-shotting noobs, and dominating pixels would some day be humanity's only hope for survival...and then I wake up and go back to filling out TPS reports like the corporate monkey I am.

The failsafe horror formula in the first half of this new century seems to be summed up by the following formula: “There's a [mundane object] that's haunted, and when you [interact with] it, it kills you. There's a videotape that's haunted, and if you watch it, it kills you. There's a house that's haunted, and if you go inside, it kills you. There's a cellphone that's haunted, and if you answer it, it kills you. There's a tie tac that's haunted, and if you wear it, it kills you. There's a bed that's haunted and when you sleep on the bed, it eats you. You know how it goes.

Remember all the joy and fun you had as a kid playing "Oregon Trail"? Or if you're not old I should probably ask if you even remember Oregon Trail at all. If you don't then don't bother looking it up, because the good people at The Men Who Wear Many Hats have made it better. Kids, I present to you "Organ Trail". A revamped version of the Apple classic that features what every game needs, zombies. Load up your station wagon, gather supplies and head off on a cross country adventure. The best part? It's free to play online!

OHNOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!! It's almost time for Halloween!!!!!!

So if you're looking to kill some time, and for some reason HAVEN'T played the original Dead Rising - now's the time. Dead Rising 2 was just released, and Amazon slashed the price of the original to $10!!! And I bet if you looked, you could probably find it even cheaper used. Unfortunately, I think the original was only available on the XBOX360.