If you're still on the fence about "Repo Men" then take a gander at the new restricted trailer below. In the past all the clips from the film have been fairly serious but this new one makes the film look down right fun, even whimsical. Alright that might be pushing it because you still see people's insides getting ripped out but take a look and you'll see what I mean.

"Repo Men" hits theaters March 19th.

Big giant river monsters should be scary when they pick up entire planes, but something about whatever's floating around in the new clip from "Monsters" just sounds adorable. You don't get to see the beast but you do hear a little cry it lets out from below the water. Honestly it sounds like something you'd feed fish in SeaWorld. Sure the flashing lights it let off might be some form of radiation but let's give the little bugger the benefit of the doubt.

Remember that Christopher Cross song "Sailing"? Man that was a good song, I'm listening to it as I write this post for you. It probably won't pop up in the movie "Triangle" though, which is too bad. Then again when he wrote it I don't think he had a bunch of people trapped on some sort of ghost demon boat in mind. I could be wrong though.

"Triangle" hit theaters over in Australia back in August of 09 and finally found it's way to the states last month. It'll be the topic of next week's podcast so you should hop on over to Netflix and stream the crap out of it.

Think you've seen it all in a zombie film my friends? Well think again! The red band trailer for George A. Romero's next film "Survival of the Dead" is up and running and guess what? It's got a zombie on a horse! Yes the clip is short and you don't get to enjoy the zombie horse riding in all its horse glory but still it's pretty exciting. I almost like the fact that you don't see the horse. Maybe it's a zombie horse? I don't know, the possibilities are really endless. I need to calm down.

Ya know, with some different music the trailer for "After.Life" could come off as a pretty nutty comedy. The film stars Christina Ricci as Anna, a sassy young tart who finds herself inside a funeral home with Eliot Deacon, played by Liam Neeson, after a fatal car crash. Eliot convinces her that she is dead and he's the only person who can see her and apparently that she also must wear a red nighty in the great beyond. Sounds like a sick plot to get some girl he's into to run around his funeral home in next to nothing for his own amusement. But whatever, we'll go the horror rout.

Nothing good ever happens on a cul-de-sac. Every time there's an outbreak or some sort of awful invasion it starts on a cul-de-sac. Just look at the new UK horror flick "Salvage". Some weird virus washes ashore and people start going nuts, just guess where it all goes down. A freakin cul-de-sac, people. Take a look at the new trailer below and see what happens when your house hunting skills aren’t up to snuff.

"Salvage" hits the DVD selves in the UK on March 22nd and should land in the US around July 6th.

Yes "Creature of Darkness" looks like another Syfy channel flick and quality wise it probably could be. But when you find out that the movie was completely funded by a Powerball Winner it kind of makes it the feel good hit of the year. Seriously.

Hold up, bad acting and a crappy new wave 80's rip off soundtrack? "Bulletface" you had me at hello! The film which recently had its trailer hit the intertubes is everything you could ever want. Dara is released from prison for 60 hours so she can avenge her brother's murder. Sounds easy? Well her bro's murder also happens to be the most powerful drug lord this side of the Rio Grand and he recently discovered a new drug made out of human spinal fluid. This kind of stuff happens every day.

Today might be the biggest day in movie history my friends. Today we finally get to see the preview for "Don't Fall Asleep". Why is this so big? Well anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows that "Don't Fall Asleep" is the latest film from Emmy nominated director Brent Roske. And by Emmy nominated I mean daytime Emmy. To be more specific Outstanding Achievement in Video Content for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms nominated. The only way I could be more excited was if I had any idea what the hell that actually meant.

Ever wonder what the find people of Ohio call their local Yeti? Me either! But apparently it's the Grassman. Want more info? Didn't think so! But the film "The Legend of Grassman" plans to blow your mind with a tale of terror and wonder in the Buckeye state. I have no idea what a buckeye is either.

The film follows a group of bigfoot hunters as they try to track down the Grassman. They eventually find and trap him and all ends well. Alright I lied everything goes to crap and people end up losing their limbs. It's a good time had by all.