The Changeling

The Changeling (REVIEW)

It’s rare that a film from the early 1980s is remembered fondly as a genuinely scary and artistically satisfying piece of horror history; most of what we remember from the 1980s is marred by cheesy lines or effects, and the clothing or music immediately pull us out of the story.  That’s one of the reasons why “The Changeling” is such a pleasure to revisit.
Director Peter Medak (a Hungarian filmmaker whose excellence in visual storytelling has him still working today, creating some of the best episodes of television series like “The Wire”, “Breaking Bad”, an

The Awakening (REVIEW)

“The Awakening” is a fairly standard, yet enjoyable, ghost movie that stars some pretty familiar faces, including Rebecca Hall (“The Town,” “Frost/Nixon,” and “The Prestige”), Imelda Staunton ( The “Harry Potter” series) and Dominic West (“300,” “The Wire”). Rebecca Hall plays “Florence” an author and skeptic who debunks ghost sightings and exposes charlatans who claim to be able to contact the dead. She is invited to a boys school to investigate a ghost haunting that has left one boy dead and the rest of the children terrified.

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