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Five Across the Eyes

I got this in my last Netflix delivery. I watched it, I bagged it , I returned it. Then it started to creep back into my head and battle the voices for time and consideration.

Back-Shelf Shamers

Okay, so we all have them. Whatever the reason maybe, we have a tiny corner of our DVD rack, that faces the wall and houses the unmentionables.This is the section of our DVD collection that we will never screen for our friends, family, or in some cases even fellow fans.I'm not exactly talking porn, though some may have elements. No, it's more of a multi-layered embarrassment or affection accompanied by embarrassment. Here's a short list of the DVD's I never watch with others, but I just can't bring myself to sell.

Rant: That's Happening with a zzzzzzzzzz...

So , I was in L.A. working last weekend and I stayed at the home a taste impaired friend. You may well have this guy in your circle of chums. He is the intensely passionate but completely indiscriminate film lover. No matter what flashes across the screen, my boy is lovin' it. And I do mean no matter WHAT it is.


My friend Steve is the 80's action guru. He salivates every time Dolph Lundgren talks about uniting all the old 80's ass-kickers for one big celluloid Buttkick-a-thon. That said he is fired up about JCVD

You know times are tough when...

Not sure if Eric reported this in the daily news headlines, but apparently thieves made off with a Russian church. The whole thing. And for awhile nobody noticed...maybe the header of this should have been "you know you have too many churches when..."

This is not the church in the story, just liked the picture.

6 movies on a plane

I recently spent 10.5 hours on a plane. At first in situations like these, one considers American Airlines' on-demand style viewing to be a true stroke of good fortune. But used immoderately and without discernment this blessing quickly becomes one of those that finds even theater haters like me looking for Shakespearean quotes to express (with adequate gravity) the other side of the experience.

"Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered."

My six movies, in the order watched...


Mecca in Rome?

After three weeks in Italy, you'd expect a person to come back bursting at the seams from the amazing food and awed by the art, artifact and arboreal splendor. I am sufficiently impressed with all that,but the highlight was a rainy Saturday morning at Profondo Rosso.

"The Signal"...Is this thing on?

I feel like I was misled...I have read many reviews of "The Signal" and very few have gushed over this thing. Sorry, I maybe showing my ass here, but this movie is fantastic. Maybe it's that we've all been binging in this zombie/contagion/mass hysteria phase of horror, and thus tend to toss things early if they aren't taking us where we expect to go, but Fuck! When it works it works, and this thing works in spades.

Redwood Empire Film Club 2: The Fog

I'll keep this one short as Schnaars already has done a spot on Review of the film. But I did want to mention it , because other than "I Know What You Did Last Summer" no film has featured the coastline of Northern California as prominently. Most of "The Fog" was shot on location in Point Reyes, Ca. a town that serves as the gateway to the National Seashore Preserve. More glorious than creepy, Carpenter did manage to mine the geography for it's remoteness.

A Reunion of sorts

Well, actually that is exactly what it was, a reunion. My 20th High School Reunion. I went, I drank, I enjoyed, I drank more and I suffered a bit the next day. While there, I reconnected with an old classmate named Omaha.

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