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Further proof that Russia is terrifyingly cool

Okay, not to totally pimp another site but I have posted this stuff here before and it is well worth checking out.... Find your way to every once and awhile; you never know what kind of nihilistic, post-soviet creepshow you might find documented there... Here are a few of the latest.


Horror Hodge Podge 2/5/09

A few quick hits here. I have been working with a friend and graphic artist to design a poster and lobby cards for my short film. So, I have all these images that I love stuck in my head. I figured why not share them here, maybe they'll inspire you guys too.

Alison Brady is my flavor of the moment where photography is concerned. Her stuff gives me a surreal Richard Kern type of feeling. Not unlike Aaron Hawks work. Check her out:

Epiphany: Shia LaBeouf

First, apologies to Louis Fowler, I know this has sort of been his territory, but I thought it was important enough to share.

I was watching an episode of 'Freaks and Geeks' last night (still the best thing Judd Apatow has ever done) and one of the characters is railing against an unfunny school mascot. When the Norseman mascot is unmasked it is none other than a baby-faced Shia LaBeouf.

This is why I love Miike.

I bought into to it all. The backlash that swirled around after Takashi Miike's ascendancy to preferred Japanese 'cult' director status. This was topped off by his fucking annoying cameo in "Hostel" or maybe more like his cameo in fucking "Hostel", annoying! I labored through some of his less inspired efforts like "Gozu" and "Dead or Alive" and his horrible casting choices like "Sukiyaki Western Django" and Taran...shit, can't even bring myself to write that one down.

What nobody wants to re-make this?

Shriek of the Mutilated

A Yeti on the Hudson, could anything be more perfectly ripe for a 're-imagining'?

Kaoru: Bloody Death Idealized

Kaoru is a high fashion photographer who specializes in killing beautiful women. A Japanese Giallo, you ask? More like a buddhist exercise in demystifying and beautifying death. Think Argento without the fear.

Horror Hodge Podge

Five consecutive days I have come to this terminal to try and write something worth reading and five times I have concluded the session with about 3 paragraphs of slow-spun ejectamenta. Maybe it’s the paste in my lungs, the big goofy fucking dog in my house that won’t sleep, or the fact my wife poisoned me by putting a Michael Landon Jr. film on our Netflix queue. Anyway, I have decided that it’s time for a hodge podge of the week that has been Jan7-Jan 14th. Better for me that it is not a calendar week… I don’t go to school, nor do I get weekends off with any reliable regularity.

Netflix instant find:"The Devil Times Five"

Holidays at my job are positively glacial, both in temperature and pace. So much so, that I think even the Puritans wouldn't begrudge me an online movie break now and again. Whether or not they would've condoned my watching "The Devil Times Five" (a.k.a. "People Toys" a.k.a.
"The Horrible House on the Hill"); another matter entirely.

Nuno Cera

The intersection between art and horror is a well worn, Centuries old path. Our passion hereabouts is largely the film side of the marriage. As horror film fans we seem to bemoan as much as we praise; and with good reason. It is difficult to craft a 90 minute work of art that communicates the language of horror in all the varied ways that we have learned to speak it.

Humongous, Wild, Orgasmo Devils of DVD

There are a few titles whose absence from DVD boggles my mind. If you are a long time collector there is no doubt you’ve gone the off-region route a few times to secure a title that you simply couldn’t live without. Now if those titles happen to be cinema obscure like “Incesto Sacrale” or “Orgasmo Nero” living with an off region release and a moderately reliable, after-market modified all-region DVD player seems, well, somewhat reasonable. A little like accepting the spotty quality of 8mm stag loops in days of yore.

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