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Obama's alien relatives fly over his inauguration

Ah, yes. The guy has been in office for less than a week, and the UFO conspiracy freaks are already going nuts. The interesting twist is that airspace above the inauguration was restricted, so there are only three things that blip could be: a bird, some sort of malfunction with the camera, or a gen-u-ine U to the F to the O!

I say it is just a bird. What do you think?

Besides the video I embedded in this blog, here is a link to a clip you can only play at

FRINGE 1.11- "Bound"

There are two J.J. Abrams produced shows that are returning this week, 'Lost' and 'Fringe'.This means for the first time ever, we will have two extremely frustrating nights of television, at the end of which, we curse ourselves for being so foolish to actually believe we would get answers to the many questions either show inspires.

BATTLESTAR 4.13 - "Sometimes A Great Nation"

The best Frakin show on television has returned!

When trying to describe Battlestar Galactica to someone who has never seen an episode, I usually compare it to films like "Schindler's list" or "Hotel Rawanda". I know comparing a tv show chock full of killer robots and people traveling in spaceships, looking for earth, to a Holocaust film or the massacres in Rawanda seems a bit trite, but the gritty realism of this show makes you completely forget that you are watching sci-fi/fantasy.

Reality is Terrifying- Rock of Love Bus!

Dexter is over for this season. Lost isn't on yet. Fringe, Heroes and Battlestar Galactica are still on break.

So what can we use to escape from the mundane prison of our everyday lives?


Regular comics can cost up to $3.99 per issue these days. In this tough economic climate, who wants to spend that much dough on some funny books?

Well,the folks over at Asylum Press know how badly your wallets are hurting and are willing to give you, not one, not two, but three free comics, just for signing up for their mailing list.

From now until Jan. 31st, you can sign up for their mailing list, by emailing and put "Christmas Newsletter promotion" in the subject line. make sure to include your name and mailing address in the body of the email.

MY "TOP 3 FILMS of 2008" list

By now, you have seen the top five list I made up, based on the films covered by this site. This blog is dedicated to what I consider to be the best film of the year, hands down.

Yes, there are only three films on this list, but that is because there were only three films in 2008 that truly blew me away. I was going to make a top five, but there was nothing I felt that touched the three that I have listed here.

Star Wars Horror Novel

Recently, I came across an article talking about a possible horror novel based in the Star Wars Universe. After doing a little research, I found out it is going to be penned by horror author, Joe Schreiber.

Schreiber mentioned it in his blog at

"Earlier today, Lucasfilm announced that my forthcoming Star Wars horror novel will be called Deathtroopers, and that it will take place immediately before A New Hope. So there you go.


Last Night's episode was the end of Volume 3 : 'Villains". Though there was quite a few cringe inducing moments, caused by either bad acting or poor writing, this half of the season ended on a high note.

Let's start with what was good. Sylar seems to be back on his evil kick, though it looks like he has developed a conscience by this point, where in his very last scene he is begging Angela Petrelli to tell him there is good in the world, and that not everyone is a monster like he is.


at one point, while watching last night's episode, my girlfriend turned to me and said "You know, tonight, it is actually pretty good", and then five minutes later, because of a random plot twist, she said "Oh, nevermind".

The plot twist actually caused my brain to hurt. I tried forming sentences, to explain what we had just witnessed, but only a bunch of "But then...", "Wait, he can't", and "I thought he couldn't.." came out. Luckily, there were other aspects to the episode that made it salvageable.


In the middle of this episode, Walter tells Olivia's boss Charlie Francis to "imagine yourself twenty years ago, imagining what it would be like twenty years in the future." Francis has a great response: he asks Olivia "Is he high?"

Well I want you to picture yourself, watching say, the third or fourth episode of 'Fringe'. You have to go back a month or two, to get the image. Back then, Could you have imagined the dramatic leap the show was going to take in this episode?

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