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Advanced Friday the 13th Review!

Waiting on line for over two hours, I was as excited to go see ‘Friday The 13th’ a week in advance, as I was skeptical of whether it would live up to the recent hype. Truth be told, I haven’t been impressed with any straight up Slasher films that have come out in the past five years. The most recent, ‘My Bloody Valentine’, was not only a disappointment but an uneventful and painful experience akin to having a drawn out conversation about coupons with my grandmother. To add to that skepticism, was the fact that Jason Vorhees has never been scary to me.

Heroes 3.14 "Trust and Blood"

I have a metaphor for 'Heroes', after watching two episodes of this half of the season: "Heroes' is like the significant other you fell in love with immediately but, over time you got to see their severe flaws. You ponder constantly over whether or not you should dump them, and then, right before you pull the plug, they start showing you some of the magic of the old days.

BATTLESTAR 4.16 "Blood on The Scales"

Hey Battlestar Galactica fans,

I apologize once again for this review being late. This will be the last time, I promise. I was busy at the NY Comic Con this weekend, making my rounds promoting this site and meeting some awesome people, one of which you can see in the photo I posted. Yep, that is Aaron Douglas, or "Chief Galen Tyrol" from BSG. He was really laid back and had no problem taking a picture with a weirdo like me. Right now, Aaron is promoting a new series called "Emmisary", which I am sure I will end up reviewing for BSG fans down the road.

Lost 5.4 "The Little Prince"

Hello 'Lost' fans,

Pete here from 'Comics Creepshow' and a few other TV show review blogs. Unfortunately, I have some bad news- we will be Schnaarsless for this particular 'Lost' episode. Don't worry, though, I may not be as eloquent as our fancy podcaster, but I am a New Yorker, and a huge Lostie (or whatever lame name 'Lost' fans call themselves). So, with a little change of format, let's get right into it....

FRINGE 1.12 and 1.13

Hello 'Fringe' fans. I am back with a review of the past two episodes. I apologize for waiting until now to cover last week's 'The No Brainer', but I was on vacation in another state, and without my laptop.

HEROES 3.13 " A Clear and Present Danger"

Battlestar Galactica.

Those are just three of the superior alternatives you can find on television to 'Heroes'. If you are a comic book nerd (and I would assume there are many 'Heroes' fans who read comics) there are tons of interesting books on the shelves, including all of Marvel's DARK REIGN books, or DC's upcoming BLACKEST NIGHT. So why spend any of your spare time watching 'Heroes'?

I honestly have no answer for that.

Battlestar 4.15 "The Oath"

Since the second season of Battlestar Galactica there has been many hints towards the idea of the fleet being divided between those who accept the cylons living among them, and those who want to see all of the Cylon race destroyed. The main characters have always sacrificed and worked diligently to prevent such a division, because the logical conclusion was that such a divide would cause a civil war amongst the last surviving humans, and thus the whole race would be wiped out.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - TV Spot

I am sure all of you guys saw this already, since you were watching the Superbowl. I missed all the Steelers action and the movie tv spots cause I was at a Metallica show. Even though, in the end, I was more disappointed with the first Transformers film, this one looks like it will be a little more dark, and not focus so much on Shia Lebouf's ebay account. For a Transformers cartoon/comic fan, this will give you some sort of arousal.

Real Life 'Joker' Killer

Last night I was told the most terrifying story I had heard in the past six months. A young man, in Belgium, painted his face to look like the Joker, entered a local nursery and began slaughtering children.

You could just picture the brutality of the crime scene from this description by By Bruno Waterfield and John Bingham of the news website, :

"The 20-year-old assailant had a painted white face, eye shadow and ginger hair, and was wearing a bullet proof vest, witnesses said.

BATTLESTAR 4.14 "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

One question the characters on Battlestar Galactica can be certain the answer is always yes to is "Can it get any worse than this?"

The fleet has now left the decimated planet Earth and is going to begin searching for a brand new habitable planet. The Cylons have the means to increase the probability of finding such a planet before the people of Galactica run out of food or fuel for their ships- They will add Cylon engines to the human ships, making the ships move at 3 times the speed.

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