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Entry3: "Feast" is Delicious, but I Have Complaints

Alert! Spoilers Ahead

If I were a weepier kind of man I would most certainly now be weeping.

I have, as of today, officially caught up with the casts and am already missing the list of 'new-to-me' episodes that has greeted me each day. For weeks this has been my guilty pleasure; football on the weekend and BGHorror to fill in the gaps. I have had a fucking blast!

Entry 2.5: "Feast" and "Feast II"

Now, supposedly this pic is from “Feast II” but I haven't seen the film, yet, so I don't know. I sure hope it is ‘cause if it isn’t then that will suck. This is awesome!!

So here’s a funny story…

“Black Sheep” arrived in the mail. I pulled the disc out and saw that it was a double feature. “Black Sheep” and “Tommy Boy”. That sucked. Worthy of Shenanigans? When I moved the film to the top of my queue I actually wondered what the chances of that mix-up were.

Entry #2: Three Movies on This Weekend's List

‘Get ready for the Violence of the Lambs!’ ("Black Sheep" 2007) – I love it!

Fall has come (and gone?) in Nebraska. I have moved about 5 tons of dirt – the old fashioned way with good boots, gloves, a shovel and a wheelbarrow – the gutters are clean, and the bushes trimmed. This leaves a chunk of the coming weekend, my birthday weekend, open for exploring some ‘new’ territory “Black Sheep” (2007), and introducing a sister-in-law to a couple of old favorites, “Phantasm” (1979), and “The Beast Within” (1982).

Entry #1: Call For Recommendations

Apparently getting older is one of the things that you are aware of, you know is happening, yet still seems to sneak up on you. What’s up with that?

As I begin my renewed affair with the things we love so dearly, I have decided to document the journey and post it here. Mostly as a record in case something happens to me along the way since mixing all of this stuff together in concentrated doses can have…unpredictable effects. I don’t have to tell you…

An Old Fan Re-Discovers Gold

I used to be a horror fan.

My memory is that (it) began a long, long time ago. I had been faithfully watching horror flix and the like on TV. Omaha had an awesome horror series called "Creature Feature with Dr. San Guinary" that ran from 1971-1981. This was the gateway drug to this particular brand of medicine.

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