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"Left 4 Dead" 3D Mod for PC Version

Are you guys sick of "Left 4 Dead" related posts yet? You're right, neither am I.

"Left 4 Dead" DLC and SDK Announced, Sorta

More than a month after it was promised, fans of "Left 4 Dead" can finally begin to salivate at coming additions to both the XBOX360 and PC versions of the game. A press release was posted on the Steam website today (somewhat) detailing some major additions and updates coming this spring:

"Left 4 Dead" Valentines are Disgusting, Adorable

When it comes to artsy valentines, Alexandria "Beavotron" Neonakis really has a hold on my heart. Combining vintage art and ironic subject matter, she's crafted impossibly cute Valentines for "Shadow of the Colossus", "Team Fortress 2", "Katamari Damacy", and now, "Left 4 Dead"!

SNL Digital Short has Jump Scares Too

Although The Uninvited was not nearly as bad as well all expected, it wasn't without it's ghostly jump-scare wackiness. Getting an audience of movie goers to spring from their seats has been the objective of horror directors from the get go, but the the "mirror" scare prevalent in many Asian horror remakes is fast becoming the most commonplace.

Bloody Good Horror and skate 2!

After an underwhelming runaround with the demo, I decided to take a leap and buy "skate 2" for XBOX360. Thankfully, I've made a great decision. The first game in the series was a huge breath of fresh air from the dead-horse Tony Hawk series, and I continued to play it on and off up until just recently, when I bought the sequel.

PS3 Will Have 3D Games, 360 will follow

In case you missed our My Bloody Valentine 3D podcast, it's my duty to inform you that 3D is in fact the new 2D. After being beat to the punch at this year's Consumer Electronics Show by the PS3 crew, IGN speculates that XBOX360 will be right on their 3D coattails:

Horror Meets Comedy Ep. 2 - "The Miracle of Phil"

NOTE: The following episodes are listed in the order that they are designated on XBOX live, and do not necessarily designate their order of release. The episode lists have differed on every site that I've looked at, including the XBOX site.

Craven Announces Last House Release on Twitter

Your eyes do not decieve you. Wes Craven has announced the release date of the remake of "Last House on the Left" on TWITTER. Many of you are followers of me (@exploder98), as well as Bloody Good Horror(@bghorror), but if you were a follower of the almighty @wescraven at around 2:50PM EST, you heard the news straight from the horse's mouth:

Box Office Boner - The Wrestler

Although it has been many months since my last Box Office Boner post, Schnaars inspired me to resurrect my semi (not at all) regular feature on "non genre" films that catch my eye. My original criteria for making the post was some degree of box office success, but I decided to break tradition this time around for the sake of getting some words in about Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler," starring Mickey Rourke. Besides, Rourke won a Golden Globe for his role, so it sort of counts.

The Wrestler

Barn Owls cast in Cloverfield Sequel


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