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"Headbanger Face Rip" is Troma-Tastic

This week's podcast has really put me in a Troma mood, and as such I've been scouring the vast desert of the internet for Troma related gems. In trying to find examples of the infamous car flip, I stumbled upon this 2007 music video for "Headbanger Face Rip" by thrash-masters Municipal Waste, produced by none other than Troma studios.

"Left 4 Dead" Inspired Porn, Already

In its short life span, "Left 4 Dead" has already come full circle in the gaming world, thanks to a short pornographic feature called "Left 4 Head."

From Kotaku

Some enterprising pornographers have parodied Left 4 Dead in a series of fleshy features that gives zombie smut lovers something to watch before bedtime.

The "Splatcademy Awards" are in!

Now that we've all endured that 'other' awards show this year, it's time to kick our feet up and enjoy Dead Lantern's annual Splatcademy Awards, an audio awards show for horror fans by horror fans. We've plugged the event on our podcast a few times, and now it's up and ready to be injected into your brainholes!

Play the "Don't Shit Your Pants" Game

To most people, the "don't shit your pants" game is referred to as "everyday life," but if you are of the endeavoring sort that likes to simulate one of life's most uncomfortable situations, you may find this text based flash game from Kongregate to be your cup of tea.

Violent Video Games Have 'Numbing' Effect

You've heard it all before. Violent video games have been linked to simple antisocial behavior to full on school shootings, and everything in between. Numerous pieces have been composed on the subject, and are usually met with divisive opinions, generally separated along a generational divide. Although I generally seem to fall on the end of thinking that violent games alone don't produce killers IRL, a recent study has caught my eye.

"The HBO Effect" or 'Movies You Half-See'

Before the Hulu's and BitTorrents of the world came to be, children of the 70's, 80's and 90's had two options to see a movie after it's theatrical pass: rental, or a showing on TV. For many years, Home Box Office (HBO) was THE place to catch these movies, as it was a pay channel that showed films mostly uncensored.

'Goon City' is Pixel Art Crack for Nerds

Spottting references to our favorite movies and games is one of the many pleasures of being an ultra-nerd. As such "»

Wii-Only "Dead Space: Extraction" Announced

Followers of the site know that I've drooled extensively over "Dead Space" for XBOX360 when it was released this past fall. Although slightly derivative of the most popular 1st and 3rd person shooters, it was an extremely tight experience that was off the charts on atmosphere. There are very few details on exactly what sort of game "Extraction" is going to be, but it still looks to still be quite intense:

"God of War III" is Epic on Steroids

The thesaurus isn't giving me any workable synonyms for 'epic,' and thank god, because I can't think of a single word that defines the newest "God of War III (PS3)" trailer better :

"The People Vs. George Lucas" Trailer

Although Eric caught an inordinate amount of shit about his opinions on the "Friday the 13th" comments last week, it's safe to say that it could be worse. That is to say, he could be George Lucas.

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