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The Nuclear Edge - Brasil Heavy Metal

This caught my eye, so I thought I'd pass it along.

The Nuclear Edge - Download Festival

Hey there kids, it's been a slow week in metal, but there are a couple tidbits to pass along:

The Nuclear Edge - Life Soundtrack

What you see above is the newly released poster for the Iron Maiden "Flight 666" documentary that this site teased about a month ago. Feast your eyes on how sort of plain it is! Also, notice how conspicuously absent Eddie is. Might be the first Iron Maiden multimedia he hasn't appeared on...ever.

Soilwork - Concert Review

Soilwork, maybe the best metal band that nobody listens to, was back stateside, and was ninety minutes from my house. I had to be there. So I bought my ticket weeks in advance, circled the date on the calendar, and waited. Skipping out of work about five minutes early last night, I hopped in my car and started to drive, anticipating the show to come.

BGH Book Club- The Dead Travel Fast

Eric Nuzum's "The Dead Travel Fast," is a book that dares to ask the question "why do people like vampires so much?" Whether he's trying to get contacts in the vampire world, tracing the footsteps of Bram Stoker or Vlad The Impaler, or just watching as many vampire movies as he can stomach, Nuzum does his best to understand the evolution of vampires in pop culture and their emergence in our popular lexicon.

Viking Skull- Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey review

Over the course of its history, metal has become dense, convoluted. In attempts to display varying degrees of artistic competency, bands have woven together more ornate orchestration of instruments, more intertwined and breakneck melodies. Artists have tried to outdo each other's complexity, to create the perfect mix of sound and fury.

Then, there's a band like Viking Skull.

The Nuclear Edge-The Room

General guidelines state that a sign of a great film is that you notice something new each time you watch it. They also state that a sign of a bad film is that the characters constantly use each other’s name in casual conversation. Oddly enough, I’ve found a film that exhibits both of those properties. It is, quite possibly, the most resoundingly amazing, bitterly awful movie in existence. I give you Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room.”

Speaking of hockey masks....

Did anyone else happen to see the introductions at the NHL All-Star game? What the hell was that? There was an upside-down suspended violin player in tights. No word in the sentence is a lie or exaggeration. As if that wasn't enough, there were other suspended ribbon dancers, more people on violins, and some insane man with the Habs logo painted on his chest and back dancing about in a big metal circle.

Iron Maiden Documentary!

The Sword--concert review

Last night as promised, I drove across the river to Revolution Hall to see The Sword. First off, a note about the venue. Revolution Hall is relatively new, it’s only been there for a year or so, and this was my first opportunity to see the place from the inside. Spectacular. While it’s on the small side, the Hall is not only clean, but very well organized with a single bar recessed into the wall. On top of that, there is a balcony that wraps around the stage, giving perfect sightlines just about everywhere in the place.

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