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X-Files and Some Superhero Bloviating

A buddy sent me the above from Some-e-Cards, which honestly had me laughing for a solid minute. With the "X-Files" coming up, let's all think back on that glorious time when the idea of the government monitoring everyone's internet and phone usage, and placing CCTV on every corner was a far-flung conspiracy theorist's fantasy. Those were the days...

Box Office Special: Revere the Knight

The word is out: "The Dark Knight" is a pretty good flick. It was also something of a financial success this weekend, especially if you define "something of a financial success" as smashing every fucking record in its path!

King: "Go Small for Big Scares"

When he that is nameth Stephen King, speaketh unto us about that which is horrifying... well, we should probably listen. I mean, the man has written some pretty scary books, amirite?

Box Office Special - Hancock's Whale of a Tale

I'm still getting my head screwed on straight since returning from a vacation this weekend, so I'm going to do a quick rundown in bullet point format because that is the laziest possible format one can write in (but also the most fun to read, go figure!). For your data fix this week, you can peep the Horrors of 2008. Last week I added some fun average and median figures, which you'll see at the bottom.

Slate on "Why We Need Movie Critics"

It won't surprise anyone around these parts that I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when folks start talking about box office statistics. If someone busts out a chart, well then they've officially got my attention. All of which is why Erick Lundegaard has just entered the rarified air of Schnaars-man-crush.

Box Office Special - Halfway Home

This weekend was the 26th out of 52 for 2008. And now that we're halfway to 2009, it's time to make some observations about the slate of horror films that have been offered up thus far.

Critical Flameout: Laura Kern on "Wicked Lake"

I was a little surprised to find a review for "Wicked Lake," a new horror release from Fever Dream, in this week's New York Times. I tend to be on top of the upcoming horror slate and here was something I hadn't heard peep about. Typically, that's a bad sign.

Critical Flameout

Like a lot of horror fans, I've learned to temper my expectations when wading into the review sections of mainstream publications. In general, genre films often get the short end of the stick when it comes to critical attention upon release, and the lower the marketing budget the lower the amount of attention that editors seem to pay. This is why sites like Bloody Good Horror exist, of course: to fill in the holes in coverage for niche film audiences.

The Obligatory SAG Strike Blog Post

The prospect has been looming on the horizon for a while, but it appears that the worst may soon come to pass: the Screen Actors Guild may be headed for a strike of their own, just months after the WGA wrapped up its labor dispute. Everything from movie production to the fall TV line-up is now up in the air, and those projects already underway are rushing to wrap things up.

Box Office Special - Audiences Fail to See Genius of "Guru"

In a shocking (SHOCKING!) development, "The Love Guru" died a quiet, merciful death in theaters around the country. Proving—perhaps miraculously—that the average moviegoer does have a threshold for cinematic putridity, audiences managed to contain their enthusiasm for goofy voices and the most egregious of non-sequitors, all of which may send "funny-man" Mike Myers back into another five year hibernation (his last actual on-screen appearance was in 2003's "Cat in the Hat").

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