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A Few That (Mostly) Flew Under the Radar

As Eric, Mark, or Casey will likely tell you, living in New York City has turned me into one erudite, fancy-pants snob. But if being a fancy man-about-town means I have the chance to see a cinematic marvel like Zombie Strippers on the big screen, then call me Mr. Snazzy.

King's "Children" Revisited

This is part 1 in my series: The Decade Long Stephen King Cinematic Orgy

By 1980 Stephen King's was one of the single most marketable names in all of entertainment. To this day, perhaps no one man can claim as large an influence on the direction of horror literature or even film as King. This fact is made all the more interesting when one considers that most of his best work had been published and brought to the screen by the time the first Clinton took office.

Box Office Special - Prom Night

Listener's of the podcast are likely aware of my fetishization of the box office returns. To me, there may be no more accurate or equitable a barometer of America's hopes and desires than the weekly box office returns. That may seem an overstatement to some, but consider that no other cultural medium offers the same open market as the wide-release movie.

The Best Sketches of All-Time

IFC and have pulled together a list of the 50 greatest sketch comedy scenes of all-time. It's, well, pretty great. Jumping off from Eric's Robert Van Winkle post from earlier, I had to embed this gem from In Living Color, which comes in at #38.

Prom Night Viral Marketing Makes Some Waves

Scott Adams' Doomsday Advice

Scott Adams on how your cult choices can affect future career options:

I think it will be hard for the cult members to explain the gaps on their resumes when they try to reenter the job market. “Well, I spent much of 2008 in a cave waiting for doomsday. It turns out that my infallible leader was more of a drooling nutbag than a prophet. Anyway, my point is that you should hire me because I have excellent judgment.”

There's more brilliance here.

Lonelygirl15 Returns, with a Vengeance

Internet hoaxes of 18 months ago: how quaint they look in the light of today's knowledge? It wasn't all that long ago that we were all naively following along with the heart wrenching exploits of LonelyGirl15. Truly a lonelier girl there never has been! Well, now that forlorn, helpless fawn has returned, only this time, she not so lonely anymore.

Wright, Pegg at "The World's End"

Regular podcast listeners may be aware of my man-crush on Edgar Wright. Here's a director that in two films has proven to have his head thoroughly screwed on in the right direction when it comes to genre films. Both "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" went beyond parody to really embrace the genre's that they belong to. Where most of the schlocky spoofs that are being put out today are content to ape the conventions of a handful of films, Wright's work shows that he has a deep understanding of what makes horror and action films what they are.

Script for World War Z Gets First Thump Up

Word is out, via AICN (warning: potential spoilers), that the script for Max Brooks's World War Z is pretty solid. I read the book back when it hit shelves, and absolutely loved it. The news of a film adaptation, while not surprising, was a little disconcerting for a couple of reasons.

  • Zombie movies, by their very nature, have to be small. A worldwide tragedy is hard to capture in a film because films have to tell stories, which require characters who traverse arcs.

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