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Box Office Special - The Man of Iron Goes Down, Finally

In this day and age, sitting atop the box office standings for more than one weekend is somewhat uncommon. Doing so in the midst of the highly contested summer season, even more so. "Iron Man" had a nice run, but it was only a matter of time, and this week the Marvel creation plummeted all the way to number two.

Box Office Intrigue!!! (Speed Racer Estimates Fudged)

When we were talking about the box office returns during Sunday's podcast, I mentioned that "Speed Racer" had a little trouble beating out "What Happens in Vegas" also known as "Ashton vs. Cameron (ZOMG, *winky face*)!" The numbers were eerily close when the estimates were published at Box Office Mojo on Sunday afternoon, but Speed and Co. took home second place by a margin of about $.2 million (estimates have been updated, but "Vegas" was at $20 million, with "Racer" at $20.2 or so).

Box Office Special - Week Two "Super" Stars

Week 2 of "Iron Man's" reign is in the books. At over $50 million, it easily destroyed "Speed Racer," which itself had trouble out dueling one of this year's more atrocious releases, "What Happens In Vegas." Ashton Kutcher notwithstanding, this week belonged to Downey Jr. once again.

Mutilate Your Thirst

Box Office Special - Unassailable Iron Man

Welcome to Summer. The first real blockbuster is in the books, and boy was it a doozy. "Iron Man" scored with critics and with audiences. While number one at the box and $100 million sounds pretty good, to really understand how well the film did, it's helpful to look at some comparisons.

First, some prominent superhero films by Metacritic score:
Spider Man 2 - 83
Iron Man - 78

DS Horror: When You Want Scares to Go

Do you love the film "The Ring" so much you wish you could play a video game version of it? Well, guess what, you're in luck... sort of.

More Foreign Horrors at Tribeca

Over at Cinematical, fellow horror devotee Scott Weinberg has a review up from a Tribeca Film Festival screening of the Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In." Like "Dying Breed," "Right One" sounds like an excellent foreign horror offering.

Box Office Special - Film Festival Warm Fuzzies

The updated Horrors of 2008 spreadsheet went up a little while ago with almost no changes since last week. "The Film That Shall Not Be Named" dropped out of the top five to number six this week, and "The Ruins" officially went on death notice by falling all the way to 18. We may have as much as a month until our next wide release, so I might start digging into some of these limited releases, but today I want to talk briefly about getting your mojo back.

The Mask is Back for Some Splatter

How about some remake news we can all get behind? This time the classic horror property coming in for a touch up isn't a film though, it's a game. In fact, some might call it the horror game. That's right, Splatterhouse is going next-gen, according to EGM, who have put the game's vaguely-Jason-Vorhees-like main character on the cover of their June issue.

Box Office Special - Prom Night Doubles Down

This week saw no new horror films open in wide release, although a handful of theaters did play host to some lascivious zombies. This lack of fresh fodder for horror hounds everywhere merely translated into a second strong, if not overwhelming, showing for last weekend's whipping post, Prom Night.

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