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Dexter 3.04 "All in the Family"

Just like Dexter has to live a double life as both a serial killer and a cop, the show Dexter has had to do double time as both a show about a serial killer and a cop show. Since cop shows are a dime a dozen and we happen to live in an age of really good cop shows like The Shield and The Wire, Dexter's Miami PD just isn't that exciting. Obviously the draw of Dexter is the serial killer show (have there ever been any other shows about serial killers?).

Dexter 3.03 "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

After a few episodes of laying the groundwork, this season's story arcs seem to be coalescing and Dexter finally looks like it's settling into its groove. Last week I worried that Dexter was getting too soft and likable but a few of tonight's developments point to him getting some of his edge back. The most significant is that in taking out a pedophile he spotted scoping out Rita's daughter he has for the first time intentionally broken his code to only kill other killers.

James Gunn Makes a Porno

James Gunn asks "How many times have you been watching a great porn film - you're really enjoying the story, the acting, the cinematography - when, all of the sudden, they ruin everything with PEOPLE HAVING SEX?"

If you feel like James Gunn has read your mind, you're in luck. He's just released the first episode of his new series "PG Porn", starring real life porn star Aria Giovanni and real life spaceship pilot/singing superhero Nathan Fillion. Keep this up and we'll forget all about those Scooby Doo movies.

Final Girl Film Club: Strait-Jacket

This is the latest entry in the always exciting Final Girl Film Club. Click the link to see what all the other cuckoo nutsos are saying.

Dexter 3.02 "Finding Freebo"

There are two things on Dexter's mind this week: finding Freebo and becoming a father. Finding Freebo, the dealer wannagee he intended to kill last week, involves staying one step ahead of the rest of the department using the only lead he's got: the corpse of Freebo's junkie girlfriend Teegan whose identity only he knows. He tracks her down to a sorority house where he gets the address of her off-campus “ho-pad” from some aspiring Girls Gone Wild. Incredibly, in the ho-pad he finds Freebo himself, naked in front of a computer.

The Outbreak: Would you survive a zombie attack?

According to the movies, being a fan of the genre is the second best way to survive an attack by any horror movie monster (the best way, natch, is to be a virginal high school girl with lots of slutty, druggy friends).

Dexter 3.01 “Our Father”

On this week's episode of “True Blood”, Sookie and Bill have a romantic encounter where Bill mythbusts more vampire lore and Sookie is torn between the desires of her aching loins and the cold glare of her purity ring, Jason has sex with an anonymous woman while fantasizing about being butt raped by a vampire and Lafeyette calls somebody “honeychile”. I'm assuming. Yes folks, now that there's a good horror-themed show on Sunday nights I'm ditching “True Blood” like a preemie at a prom to cover the most lovable serial killer on pay cable, “Dexter”.

Awesome Videos, Great Job!

Not content with simply exploring the comedic potential of greenscreens, the mentally ill and gravy-robbing, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are now focusing their unique skills on music videos. They directed and starred in this new Ben Folds video (no word on whether or not they're responsible for Ben's silly new haircut):

How to Kill the Zombie Subgenre

Step 1: Take a bunch of "So You Think You Can Dance?" rejects and dress them in half-assed zombie makeup and costumes.

Step 2: Have them wander around Universal Studios, occasionally breaking into a dance routine to Flo Rider. Don't worry about "zombie-ing" up the moves. This ain't the Thiller video.

True Blood 1.03 "Mine"

At one point in this episode, Sam, the lovelorn bar owner, tells a buddy of his that he wishes Buffy or Blade would come to town and shove some stakes up some vampire asses. I'm sure the writers thought they were being clever and underlining the fact that this is a different take on the vampire mythos, but all I could think was how much I agreed with Sam. Note to writers: pointing out how different your show is from other, more enjoyable, better done vampire stories is probably not a smart move.

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