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BGH Book Club: A Dirty Job

Charlie Asher is a classic beta male done good. He owns a moderately successful second-hand store has a wife who is a few degrees out of his league and a baby on the way. Everything changes after the birth of his daughter. His wife's health takes a turn for the worse and as she is dying, Charlie sees a man in a mint green suit stealing her favorite cd from her hospital room. Unfortunately, no one else, including the security cameras can see this man.

Dexter 3.12 "Do You Take Dexter Morgan?"

And so it goes. Another season of Dexter comes to a close. Was it the best season? No. Was it the worst?

Dexter 3.11 "I Had a Dream"

I was expecting a few things from this week's penultimate episode of Dexter but what I got was the one thing I wasn't expecting. A ho-hum episode. Granted a ho-hum episode where a lot of big things happened but somehow, a few of the big events we've been waiting all season to see were dispatched in an oddly perfunctory matter. Dexter finally kills Miguel and the scene isn't much different from any other killing scene. He finally reveals to him that he killed his brother and all we get are a few Jimmy Smits moans?

Dexter 3.10 "Go Your Own Way"

Ladies and Gentlemen. It's taken ten episodes and innumerable eye rolls and sighs of exasperation but I'm pleased to announce that in this episode, finally, Maria and Angel's subplots both tie into the main story. It's a proud moment. Maria's subplot even looks like it might turn out to be the key to Miguel's downfall. Angel... well, he did his best, bless his little porkpie hat.

Dexter 3.09 "About Last Night"

Well, what d'ya know? Not only did Miguel go rogue and break the Code almost immediately after being introduced to the ways of bad guy killin', it now looks like he's been setting up Dexter from the start. I'm looking forward to an exceptionally pissed off Dexter in the last few episodes.

Dexter 3.08 "The Damage a Man Can Do"

One thing the previous two seasons of Dexter did well was putting all the characters in place, setting all the situations in motion and letting them play out to an exciting and worthwhile finale. We passed the midpoint of this season a few weeks back and after tonight's episode we can guess at some of the treats the backend of Season 3 holds for us. I think it's its going to be a fun ride from here on out.

Dexter 3.07 "Easy as Pie"

Sorry to be late with your weekly Dexter fix but over the weekend I had a few hours to kill before the Alabama-LSU game and went for a bike ride, took a spill and came out of it with a wrist shaped like the pipe under your bathroom sink. On Friday I'm having the Skywalker model cybernetic wrist installed so for the next 6-8 weeks until they finish rebuilding me I'll be hunting and pecking with my left hand. I'll also be on massive doses of painkillers so this could get a little wacky.

Dexter 3.06 "Si se puede!"

Tonight on Angel- the sergeant continues his attempt to woo the sexy vice cop, but finds out that she has a few “tricks” of her own.


How about this:

Tonight on Maria- will the Lieutenant have to burn an old flame when she finds out he might be abusing his power?

Let's try again.

Tonight on Rita- unwittingly dating a serial killer can be murder but could a new job in real estate be right up Rita's alley?

Dexter 3.05 "Turning Biminese"

Now that Dexter's getting hitched, the tightly controlled life he's become accustomed to is slipping away. Somehow he's got to figure out how to keep his dark passenger happy while living under the same roof as a wife and two (soon to be three) kids. This fact is underscored when Rita has complications from the pregnancy and ends up in the hospital while he's off in Bimini taking care of a black widower.

Apocalypse Mixtape Part VIII: The Season of the Witch

Well, friends, it's that most wonderful time of year again when you can buy fake blood in any drugstore, there's always a horror movie playing somewhere on tv and mini-sized candy bars rain down from the skies. If Halloween isn't your favorite holiday, then you're probably on the wrong site. Don't worry, the internet's big; with a little creative googling you can probably find that website dedicated to all forms of Christopher Columbus or Labor-based entertainment you've always dreamed of.

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