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SXSW Trailer Roundup

The film portion of South by Southwest was last week and a few interesting horror flicks screened at Fantastic Fest at Midnight, the genre-themed festival within a festival.

Only You Can Prevent Gray Goo

If you're trying to think of a doomsday device with a little pizzazz, you can't go wrong with this short tutorial that shows you how to make self-replicating nanobots that will replicate into a grey goo that will eventually overrun and consume all matter on Earth. All in six easy steps! I'd better get to practicing my maniacal cackle.

Ed Brubaker + Zoe Bell = Angel of Death

Comic writer Ed Brubaker, best known for his run on "Captain America" and his own book "Criminal", has a new webseries starring "Death Proof" star Zoe Bell. Bell plays an assassin who begins to hallucinate and be haunted by past victims after catching a combat knife to the skull. It's reminiscent of Max Payne (the game, not the movie) and has cameos from genre heavyweights like Doug Jones, Ted Raimi and Lucy Lawless. The first few episodes are up and a new episode will be released every week day until March 13. Here's the first episode:

Meme Attack: Instant Random Band

There's a new meme going around the internet that will probably take its place alongside LOLcats and Chuck Norris jokes on "I Love the 2000ies" in about 10 years and feed Michael Ian Black's family for another week. Basically, you let the random functions of Wikipedia, Quotations Page and Flickr come up with your imaginary band's name, album title and cover image. You can see my first attempt above. I think Kanoê was a Norwegian band from the early 90s with a strong goth and new wave influence who broke up when their lead singer died in a tragic fjord accident.

Heavy Metal Band Names Chart

If you need a name for your metal band, this chart will help ensure that your name reaches appropriate levels of metalocity. The awesome spiky font is entirely up to you.

Also, can any biblical scholars out there help me out- where exactly in the Book of Revelations does "Mexican Santa" appear?

Good TV... on MTV?

One of the most amazing things about Netflix is how easy it is to track down even the rarest, most obscure movie that you'd never have a chance of seeing if you weren't in a major metropolitan area and were solely at the mercy of Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. For me, one of the holy grail movies I've been dying to see for the better part of a decade was a documentary called How's Your News?.

"The Thing" with G.I. Joes

Two of the greatest things from the 80s come together in this fan-made video for French electronic duo Zombie Zombie. It's a pretty comprehensive and really well-done remake of John Carpenter's The Thing acted out entirely by G.I. Joes. How much do you wanna bet that this video is better than the upcoming The Thing prequel?

Sundance 2009: Genre Movies and Oddities

As you might know, the Sundance film festival is going on this week. It's not much of a festival for horror films but a few always manage to slip in. We reported on the fainting-spell-inducing Grace a few days ago. Now lets take a look at a few other genre-related films making their debut at Sundance.

Dead Snow

Grace Leaves 'em Fainting at Sundance

The word from Sundance this weekend is that the film Grace, produced by Hatchet-man Adam Green, actually caused two audience members to faint. The film stars Jordan Ladd as a mother-to-be who, after an accident leaves her unborn baby dead, decides to carry the baby to term and give birth to it stillborn. After being born, the baby miraculously comes back to life but with more of a taste for blood than Similac. Sounds like this could make for a nice second half of a double bill with Inside.

My Zombie Pin-up

It's a new year and that means it's time for a new calendar. Instead of going for the fluffy kitten calendar from that kiosk in the mall for the fourth year in a row, might I suggest something a little different, something like cheesecake shots of leggy, half-naked, decomposing zombie girls. Yes, it exists.

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