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Web Series "ParaAbnormal" keeps up the funny

This horror/comedy web series Joe blogged about a month ago continues to turn out some pretty funny episodes. The series is by writer Jamie Nash and "Blair Witch" co-creator Eduardo Sanchez. These are definitely high quality for a web series, and the scripts mix in slapstick with subtler material. Go have a look!

Here's Episode 4:

New "Survival of the Dead" clip on Romero's MySpace page

Zzzzzzzzzzzz...what? Oh, there's a new clip of the Sarge character talking about the scenario of "Survival of the Dead" up on George Romero's MySpace page.

Blair Witch Project 10th Anniversary Interview

Here's a great, hour-plus interview with cast and crew from "The Blair Witch Project". The interview was filmed August 20th at the 10th anniversary screening of the film at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Josh, who played "Josh" in the film, is pretty crass and hilarious, and the other folks dish some interesting info. They talk about the genesis of the movie and its brilliant nigh-accidental marketing campaign which changed film marketing forever, have no doubt.

Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Roadshow 2009

When I first saw something about a "Full Moon Traveling Roadshow", I read it as New Moon, and was all like, "Finally the Stephenie Meyer books have been adapted to their most appropriate medium: the traveling musical." I was picturing ham-handed community-theater level dramatics, which, while appropriate, I would avoid as I have the books and movie... all of that in the second it took me to realize it said "Full Moon" and not "New Moon".

"The Thing" Prequel Starting to Sound Good

"The Thing" is an iconic film, and like many genre fans it's a pretty important one for me (the John Carpenter take, anyhow). I was dismayed to hear of a remake being greenlit, but I had a little more faith when I head Ronald D. Moore (creator of the excellent "Battlestar Galactica" reimagined series) was writing it as a prequel instead of a remake.

Brain Cupcakes by Pamela Frantz

There are two types of horror fans: those that will want to make these immediately and those that will gag immediately. On second thought, I propose a third: those that will want to make these because they gagged.

The Angels are Coming in "Legion" Trailer

This red-band trailer for the Biblical apocalypse film "Legion" feels really fresh and exciting to me, despite having many echoes of other films. The plot isn't exactly clear, but it looks like the Archangel Michael has escaped Heaven to track down the one child who can somehow save humanity. The problem? All the other angels (and a few plagues, from the look of it) have killed and possessed many humans and are trying to exterminate the human race, waitress and baby-savior included! I haven't seen Biblical horror done as well as this looks in a while.

Meat-eating plant found in Philippines!

This BBC Story should be an interesting story about a new discovery in nature. But for me and probably anyone else who's watched a life time of horror and sci-fi... OH SHIT MEAT EATING PLANTS OH SHIT!!! Now that we've found them, how long before they rapidly evolve to eat US?

"The Killing Room" Official Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming film "The Killing Room" is finally out. The film is directed by Jonathan
Liebesman, which John Shelton pointed out the dubiousness of in his post on Sundance 2009 back in January. There are some good actors in the film, though, and this trailer has me at least intrigued.

In the film the government conducts a secret project in which four men are gathered in an isolated room to determine once and for all if Chloe Sevigny is more creepy than she is hot. I for one am hotly anticipating the results.

New "District 9" featurette

After all the build-up with those "For Humans Only" posters everywhere and a tiny teaser trailer, we finally get a real glimpse at the upcoming "District 9" with this new featurette below. It has lots of footage we haven't seen yet and interviews with director Neil Blomkamp, producer Peter Jackson, and actor Sharlto Copley. This featurette reveals some of the major plot points, but I'm hoping there are still a few surprises left. "District 9" hits theaters August 14th.

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