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"Best Worst Movie" Coming to DVD on November 16th

The time has finally come my friends! After a successful run of screenings across the country “Best Worst Movie” is finally coming to DVD on November 16th. The DVD will be chock full of special features including over an hour worth of never seen footage and deleted scenes.

Video: New Clip From "Insidious"

Below you will find a new clip from “Insidious” which is scheduled to premiere this week at the Toronto International Film Fest. From James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the co-creators of “Saw” the movie is about a happy family that begins to experiencing unexplainable events in their home after one of their children suffers a serious accident. Wait a second, maybe they’re not happy. I take that part back.

R.I.P. Kevin McCarthy

We're sad to report that Kevin McCarthy passed away at the age of 96 this past weekend in a Cape Cod hospital. His career spanned over 60 years and along the way he played roles in such horror classics as "Twilight Zone: The Movie", "The Howling", "Piranha" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I'll always remember him as R.J. Fletcher in "UHF", no one could scream "festering bowl of dog snot" like him.

Trailer: "Saw 3D" Is Going to Murder Us All

If I'm to understand the new trailer for "Saw 3D" we're all going to get strapped into the theater and murdered when we go see the film this coming October. Guess what "Saw 3D" makers, I don't want that to happen. I want to see a movie, preferably not the one you're making. I don't want to pay 11 bucks for your 3D and get killed on top of that. The icing on the cake? I think I saw the guy from Linkin Park in there too. No thank you Saw people, no thank you indeed.

Video: Clip From Joe Dante's "The Hole 3D"

I have to admit, this entire time I thought Joe Dante’s “The Hole” was about… well, a hole. I thought kids find a hole in their house, they play in the hole and eventually grow tired of the hole. The hole gets sad that no one will play with it and eventually takes its own life. Sounds depressing, right? Well the newly released clip from the film which you can view below would lead me to believe that apparently the hole spits out all kinds of creepy things, including a scary ass little girl. I’m big enough to admit I was wrong.

Trailer: Unrated "Hobo With a Shotgun" Teaser

With "Machete" finally seeing a release today and all the Grindhouse mania swinging into high gear it's time to take a look at the next fake trailer to make its way into full feature length film land. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I submit for your approval, "Hobo With a Shotgun".

On The Next Podcast: "The Last Exorcism"

Next up on the movie list is the Eli Roth produced "The Last Exorcism". Can the film live up to the hype? We're still not sure but one thing we do know is Eric and Joe go to see the movie together and there's some awkward moments when they both reach for the popcorn.

Video: Behind the Scenes Footage From "Resident Evil: Afterlife"

"The most exciting Resident Evil film"? Pump the brakes Milla, don't go writing checks that your 3D ass can't cash. I just can't take the disappointment. But if she is right, and based on the fact that they got Ali Larter who was in 2009's underrated masterpiece "Obsessed", I think she might be, I very well might soil myself in the theater. I'm pretty sure I'm not even being sarcastic here.

Video: Boat Load of New Clips From "Machete"

A ridiculous amount of clips from "Machete" have found their way online and they're pretty much what you would expect. Lots of blood, lots of strippers and some serious bad acting. I mean all three of those things in the best way possible. Check them out below and look for "Machete" this Friday in theaters.

Monster Friends Poster Series

If you know me you know I am all about the artsy stuff and being classy. I've often been called the Lawrence Alloway of the art world. Look it up, it's funny trust me.

So when I saw the 4 poster series over at Family Free Design and Illustration I just went gaga. Each poster features a different monster with a fun adorable spin on the old myth that they're nothing but evil. The current set is selling out fast but a second series is rumored to be in the works so keep an eye out.

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