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"The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" Now Streaming On Netflix

When I was just a young lad the Garbage Pail Kids were just about the greatest thing ever invented. For those of you too young, old or homely to remember them, the Garbage Pail Kids were nothing more than trading cards with childish gross out images made to look like Cabbage Patch Kids. I’m not going to go over what those were, I don't have time to explain the entire decade to you.

Trailer: "Zombiechrist" Is About Christ As a Zombie

You people may not know this but every time I have to write a post about a "Saw 3D" clip a little bit of my soul is taken away. Then a trailer like the one for "Zombiechrist" comes along and reminds me why I got into this game. For seriously low budget horror movies that could easily be classified as soft corn porn. Oh, that and helping children, but mostly the first thing.

The film is about, well it's about Jesus roaming the earth as a zombie and apparently convincing dozens of women with tattoos to take of their clothes. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

Celebrate Hagsploitation Tomrrrow Night in NYC

I've never heard the term Hagsploitation before today but I think I might like it. Basically it's in reference to those mean old birds we love to hate in some of our favorite horror films, and tomorrow night at the 92Y Tribeca Screening Room they'll finally get the praise they deserve, or demand if you will.

The event will feature clips from 9 different movies as well as an appearance by none other then Lorna Raver. She'll be discussing her role in "Drag Me To Hell" and hopefully explain what it was like to see herself on screen vomiting formaldehyde.

Video: Kvelertak's Video For Mjød Will Make You Murder

I have no idea what Kvelertak are singing about but I think they might be the greatest band ever invented. First off, they’re Norwegian, which by default makes them evil in the best way possible and second, their songs are so damn catchy that it makes you want to go out and fight strangers. Which may very well be what the song Mjød is about, at least that’s what I’m thinking based on the video you can watch below. It frightens me a little bit. Seriously be careful playing this around people. They might rip out your insides or something.

Trailer: "Catfish" Will Warm Your Heart

Is it wrong that I don't find anything creepy about the main charter in the new film "Catfish"? Sometime you've just got to find a girl on Facebook, start putting yourself in pictures with her and eventually drive across the country to surprise her in the middle of the night. Sounds romantic to me. And to the rest of America apparently because this film is blowing up everywhere. Apparently even Kelly Ripa wants to see it. She's my favorite of all the Ripa's!

Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira

On this day many years ago, I won’t say how many exactly because that’s just not classy, a little lady by the name of Cassandra Peterson was born in Manhattan, Kansas. Today she’s better know in the horror community as everyone’s sassy-vamp/crappy movie host Elvira. So happy birthday Elvira and or Cassandra, I’d like to personally apologize for all the crude things I’ve said about you and pray you never learn of the even cruder things I’ve thought. God bless.

Trailer: Red Band "Hatchet II" Trailer

Oh boy here we go. The "Hatchet II" trailer that all other “Hatchet II” trailers will be defined by. Lots of blood, lots of gore and most of all lots of talking. Yeah you heard me folks, talking. The film is coming to theaters in its full unrated glory so what better way to promote such an event than by releasing a trailer that's 75% talking. Well alright they also put the words that are being said on the screen, ya know for the hearing impaired, but who cares about reading.

"Best Worst Movie" Coming to DVD on November 16th

The time has finally come my friends! After a successful run of screenings across the country “Best Worst Movie” is finally coming to DVD on November 16th. The DVD will be chock full of special features including over an hour worth of never seen footage and deleted scenes.

Video: New Clip From "Insidious"

Below you will find a new clip from “Insidious” which is scheduled to premiere this week at the Toronto International Film Fest. From James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the co-creators of “Saw” the movie is about a happy family that begins to experiencing unexplainable events in their home after one of their children suffers a serious accident. Wait a second, maybe they’re not happy. I take that part back.

R.I.P. Kevin McCarthy

We're sad to report that Kevin McCarthy passed away at the age of 96 this past weekend in a Cape Cod hospital. His career spanned over 60 years and along the way he played roles in such horror classics as "Twilight Zone: The Movie", "The Howling", "Piranha" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I'll always remember him as R.J. Fletcher in "UHF", no one could scream "festering bowl of dog snot" like him.

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