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Broken Hill Dust Storm Australia

Not a thing horror related about this but it made me crap my pants all the same. Check out the video below that was taken by a guy as he drove head on into a dust storm a couple months back in Australia. Whoever is behind the wheel either has a giant pair or is extremely stupid. Either way, I'm impressed.

Akroyd On "Ghostbusters 3" Filming Schedule

When Dan Aykroyd walks into a room to talk with some Bostonians about the grand opening of the new House Of Blues the first question is probably pretty obvious. What’s up with "Ghostbusters 3"? Well the answer was short and sweet my friends.

Script is commenced early summer. Hope to be in production by late fall 2009.

What this broken english means is that the movie is still somewhat up in the air. But the good news is that in a few months we should have the final word on if a “Ghostbusters 3” is going to happen.

"Lesbian Vampire Killers" Trailer

While we sit here in America with our countless remakes, the Brits have actually gone out and done something original. I submit for your viewing pleasure the trailer for the soon to be classic film “Lesbian Vampire Killers”. You can thank me later.

Return Of The Living Red

Australia based Mash Design has one of those websites that you can look at for a half hour and still have no idea what they do. I've normally found though when a design company gets to a point where they can have a website like this it means their shit don't stink and they can do whatever the hell they want. Or they'll be out of business in a couple months. These guys though have been around since 2002 and have a number of awards for their packaging and branding campaigns.

"The Stepfather" Remake Coming In October

In 1987 every kid who parents were divorced sat up at night in fear that their mother would get remarried to Terry O'Quinn. Why you might ask? Well Terry played Jerry Blake in the movie “The Stepfather”. I have to admit that any time I even thought my parents might be arguing I would burst into their room and beg my mom not to marry Terry O'Quinn because he’ll kill us. Alright that last part might be a bit of a lie but it doesn’t make this movie any less frightening.

James Gunn's PG PORN: Squeal Happy Whores

James Gunn's IMDB page isn't exactly lighting up with movies as of late but his twitter feed has been on fire. Between the public bashing of eBaum's World and the daily questions he posts I'm surprised he has time to do anything. Luckily for us though he just put out the third installment of his PG Porn series. This one is titled "Squeal Happy Whores" and pretty much follows the same format as the first two.

Rainy Day Fun For Horror Fans

I got a couple of questions here for ya. First off, do you like horror movies? Unless your one of the people who will end up in Mark's Google report next week my guess would be that you do. But the bigger question is do you enjoy arts and crafts?

The Razzies Give Horror Films Some Love, Sort Of

With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday the people of the world have set their eyes on Hollywood. Unfortunately horror has been snubbed again this year, but luckily The Razzies have picked up the slack for us fans. The annual award show, which honors the year’s worst movies, has given out a number of nominations to horror films. Most notably “The Happening” picked up nominations for worst picture, worst director, worst screenplay and its star Mark Wahlberg has been honored with a worst actor nod.

"Hot Girls in Scary Places" Coming in March

It seems ridiculous that no one has thought of this before, but the good people at E! have taken the "frighten the crap out of people" reality TV show to the next level. Currently scheduled to air as a special on March 13th, "Hot Girls in Scary Places" will take 3 friends from the University of Southern California cheer squad and put them in an abandoned hospital for the night.

New Music and Missions Coming For GTA IV

Next Tuesday a new "Grand Theft Auto IV" update will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. Included will be the new storyline "Lost and Damned" which focuses on Liberty City's own biker gang as they rape and pillage. According to what I've read the new missions will add another 20 hours or so of gameplay. More importantly the expansion pack will also add a whole ass load of new music for your listening pleasure.

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