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US Trailer For "Dead Snow"

“Ein, Zwei, Die!” It’s a pretty awesome tag line even if it is a bit confusing. Wouldn’t that translate into “one, two, the”? Anyway I haven't taken German class in close to fifteen years so I’m going to ignore that. One thing I am not confused about is that “Dead Snow” looks awesome and after watching the US trailer below you’ll have no choice but to agree with me.

David Twohy's "A Perfect Getaway" Trailer

Leave it to the internet to spoil a good time. When word came out recently that David Twohy’s new film “The Perfect Getaway” would have it’s trailer running this weekend in front of "Drag Me To Hell," it was pretty much a guarantee that you would see it pop up on YouTube beforehand. This is why we can’t have nice things, YouTube! Lucky for us, my suspicions were correct and today we get our first glimpse.

GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

So it looks like Rockstar may not even bother making another GTA and just continue to make add-ons to their last installment, GTA IV. If you’re like me and played “The Lost and the Damned” update that came out a few months back, you may not see this as a problem. But if biker gangs isn’t your thing maybe you can get into “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

"Flight Of The Navigator" Remake Coming

When I was 8 I pretty much had one goal in life, to fly an alien space ship all over the world while listening to the Beach Boys. On one glorious February night in 2005, thanks in part to two kegs and about 6 beer bongs, I made that dream a reality. Or at least that’s what I remember, it could of just been the booze. In any case, this dream was inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, the Disney classic “Flight Of The Navigator”.

First "Halloween 2" Clip Lands

Not since “Beavis and Butthead” were on the air have I seen Rob Zombie on MTV this much. We’ve been getting updates from the set on what seams like a daily basis ever since the "Halloween" sequel was announced.. My guess is Zombie’s cashing in a big IOU for having to put up with Kurt Loader interviewing him every time Halloween rolled around for the past twenty years.

Horror Novel Printed On Toilet Paper

This is one of those things that you’ll probably wish you had thought of and be surprised someone hasn’t done it already. A Japanese paper company will be putting famed horror writer Koji Suzuki’s next novel on their toilet paper. I shit you not. Suzuki is best known for writing the novels “Ring” and “Dark Water” which were both made into feature films.

Finally, A Cricket Slasher Film

Never let it be said that cricket players are a bunch of pansies. Then again I have no idea what kind of insults are normally tossed around the cricket field. Is it even a field? Anyway hopefully all my questions will be answered on June 30th when “I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer” hits US DVD shelves. A not so original title for a pretty original movie. Or at least I think it's original, I’ve never heard of another cricket-themed slasher before.

Neil Krueger Gets No Respect

For over 25 years now all the world has loved Freddy Krueger. Sure he’s a severely burned murderer who kills you in your dreams, but those one liners really make him a lovable character. With the new “Nightmare On Elm Street” remake coming to theaters early next year there is no doubt that a whole new crop of fans will be popping up.

"Surrogates" Trailer Hits The Web

These days you can’t spit in a comic book store without hitting a graphic novel that’s being made into a movie. Trust me, I tried, and I’m still waiting for the Bloody Good Horror accounts payable department to reimburse me for the bill.

ABC's New Horror Friendly Lineup

This week all the major channels announced their new lineups for the fall and beyond. A lot of shows are getting the ax, and luckily for us horror fans ABC is replacing their victims with some new shows that might be of some interest.

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