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Richard Kelly's "The Box" Finally Gets A Trailer

Pop Quiz! You’re significant other just got shit canned from their job and you are now faced with having to figure out how to pay bills that you already can’t afford. A guy shows up at your door with a wooden box that contains a button. If you push that button you’ll be given one millions dollars but someone you’ve never met somewhere will die. Would you push the button? Of course you would, I’d slam that thing before he even showed me the money. Done, movie over.

"Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood" Trailer

It’s always cool to see a small independent film that doesn’t look like it was made in someone's house over a long weekend. It’s even cooler to see a movie like that featuring a bunch of German hookers being taunted by a giant wolf in the middle of the woods. In this case the film we’re talking about is “Rotkäppchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood”, a new film by Harry Sparks that is loosely based on the children's fairy tale.

New "Halloween 2" Trailer

It isn’t a week if there isn’t a new “Halloween 2” video for us to talk about. This week we’ve got the second full length trailer for your viewing please. From the looks of things I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you didn’t like the first one you’re going to want to beat up a homeless person after this sucker.

"Anticrist" The Game, No Seriously

Behind The Scenes Of "Halloween 2"

So in this new behind the scenes video from Rob Zombie's "Halloween 2," Zombie earnestly assures us: “There’s no moment where they’re going to go ‘oh yeah been there done that’ the whole movie is like totally fresh”.

We then cut to a clip of Michael Myers popping up in the mirror behind Danielle Harris. Come on Zombie, now you’re just f’in with me.

"Whiteout" Trailer

The trailer for the new Kate Beckinsale film “Whiteout” has finally hit the web and from the looks of things is shaping up to be pretty enjoyable. The basic story revolves around a U.S. Marshal played by Beckinsale who is sent to track a killer in the most remote part of Antarctica. Only problem is the sun is about to set for six months and the weather conditions are about the worst you could imagine.

Joe Lynch's "Body Count" Returns To G4

With Monsters HD and FearNET going into the crapper recently us horror geeks are left with little options when looking for a horror fix on television. Luckily the good people over at G4 have picked up the slack and let “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End” director Joe Lynch pop into their news program “Attack Of The Show”. They recently posted his second installment of “Body Count” where he takes a look at the films “Martyrs“, “Deep Red” and “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon”.

Jason Gets His Snow Shoes In Friday Sequel?

Sure there is no script and apparently not even a green light but why the hell not start throwing out ideas for the sequel to this year's “Friday the 13th” reboot. And that’s just what producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are doing right now. Sometimes the internet and the power to get word of your every thought out to millions of people is a terrible, terrible thing.

Shriekfest 09 Now Accepting Entires

It’s time to get your crayons and your pencil’s kids! Shriekfest is now accepting entries for their 2009 festival.

Being held this October in Los Angelas, the competition is dedicated to getting horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve. Unlike other competition, Shriekst actually helps the filmmakers and screenwriters by promoting their work to the industry, in turn helping their projects get made.

Dan Fogler Brings You "Hysterical Psycho"

How do you convince a bunch of your friends to go into the middle of Maine to shoot a movie in January? I have o clue, but Dan Fogler (“Balls Of Fury”, “Fanboys”) found a way. Luckily for him his friends are also very talented and from the looks of things “Hysterical Psycho” is going to be a pretty funny movie.

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